Thank You For A Great 2011

I was sharing metal news from my Facebook page before I started this blog. I spammed my wall feed to my friends about shit that is coming out, bands coming to town and every once in a while I did a review for an album. Early 2011 I heard some music that inspired me to do this even more. I wanted to find some bands that were new (to me) and share them. The first band to do this was Woods of Ypres. Then it progressed to other bands in many many different genres. I hit up websites and stalked the Metal Injection forum and had some back n forth banter with some people. I love what Metal Injection and MetalSucks does for the community. They are big time blogs doing some big time shit: interviews, exclusives and tons of content. What really made me want to start MY own blog was this duo of blogs that I thought were great. One is Heavy Blog Is Heavy and the other is American Aftermath.


I found American Aftermath through…well….it starts with the Metal Injection Livecast, then the forums, then to AA. Ross and Josh are great personalities and great writers. The other blog, Heavy Blog Is Heavy, caught my attention on the MetalSucks sidebar. I loved the name (I was honestly thinking about using that name for my own blog before I figured out it already existed) so naturally I read some articles and what really intrigued me was the album reviews. HBIH has the absolute best album reviews on the internet. Not only is each individual review very articulate and very well written, I liked the page that shows off all of the album covers and has a quick note for the score. When I first started doing more and more reviews on Facebook, I referenced this page a lot so I could listen in and then give my opinion. I chose the higher scoring albums at first then moved to whatever I could find. AA and HBIH are sites I still visit daily and enjoy.

Now on July 20th, 2011…I just straight up started Headbang or GTFO. I didn’t know what I was doing, I was new to WordPress and the site started slow. Slow in terms of views, yes. But learning everything and pumping out at least 5 posts a day…that was fun and a little tough. The site looked awful (it was a stock blog template with default everything, bleh) and in the first month I only had 1,200 views. Which may not be a lot at all but I wasn’t expecting anybody to ever read this blog, at all. From then on I started talking to other bloggers more and more and they were very helpful. We swapped links and they helped me out with shit that was frustrating to me at times. HTML, URL and some other what nots. It was cool because after seeing nothing but horrible comments on Metal Injection and Metalsucks, I was afraid that every metal head was an elitist dickhead. I even had a post about it!

So I just want to say thank you (In no particular order): Thank you David Gold (RIP) for the immediate support and the wonderful music. Thank you Jennifer Porter, the love of my life. Your support has been more than great and the push you gave me from the get go was also inspiring and helpful. Thank you Jimmy Rowe aka Alkahest from Heavy Blog Is Heavy, you continue to be supportive and ultra helpful. Ross F’n Gnarly, the name I heard from the Livecast. American Aftermath is fucking awesome man, keep up the good work, keep kicking ass and thank you for everything. Josh Huddleston aka KeepItWolfSon, the man with the mouth. Not afraid to tell it as it is and not afraid to go beyond the usual metal blogger guy. Your style and musical taste is one of a kind. Thank you for the support and the back n forths on Twitter/FB. Thank you Rob Pasbani, for the support, for the blog/forum and Livecast. Keep up the great work and congratulations again on the Sirius job! Also, thank you to Axl Rosenberg. He might have a way with words that piss off millions of people a year but the few times I’ve exchanged words with him it’s been kind and rewarding. Thanks for the link on your site man. Thank you Bari Ann aka FeathernBone/Corpseparty: you supported me because you liked my Woods article. You’ve been on board ever since and you’ve been a ton of help. The beard contest was fun and I hope you are doing ok. I haven’t talked to you since Gold passed away.

More quick thank yous: My mom, Lisa Mergel, I know you read my shit! Thank you Lane Oliver aka Cancerscare, all my friends who have gave a shit about my posts even before this blog, the new readers: the comments have been nice thus far. Thank you so much. Pizza Destroyer, Shlomo, Metal Blade Records, Earache Records, Nuclear Blade, Sumerian Records, Rob Arnold from….well Chimaira at the time when I talked to him, Revocation: meeting you guys was the SHIT. Noa, Sid, Darren and Sean from the Livecast. Amon Amarth, Brian Dunaway, Joel Violette from Woods of Ypres, Richie from Sol Invicto, Pat Vigil, Thomas Clifford II and the fans on the Facebook fan page! If I forgot anyone well, send me hate mail.

Thank you and let’s kick 2012′s ASS!

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