I’m Surprised AARP Isn’t Sponsoring The KISS/MOTLEY CRUE 2012 Tour.

The Kiss and Mötley Crüe Tour! Tell your parents their favorite music from their past is coming back for one more trip through memory lane. Oh I can see it now, a sea of face painted dweebs and fat groupies from 1987 who put on 200 extra pounds yet still dress like they are 21 and 120 lbs. Yikes. Not only is this terrifying in imagination, I’m sure the reality of the situation won’t be much better. Oh and my guess is that the ticket prices will be ungodly, like 80 bucks for GA and probably 40 for those nosebleed seats. Enjoy this event! It may not be as bad as I imagine but….I don’t want to take that chance.

Tour dates after the jump.

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ASIAN INVASION: Not Porn, New NILE Tour Dates & Album Title Revealed!!!!

Not only are we getting a new album this year, Nile is also hitting US soil as well!!!! NOW WE CAN GET MORE OF THIS!!!!

Nile’s new album “At The Gate of Sethu” is slated for a “second quarter 2012” release, so hopefully May/June. \w/ Tour dates after the jump.

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HOLY FUCK TOUR: Origin, Cattle Decapitation, Decrepit Birth, Aborted, Rings of Saturn and Battlecross!!!

The Occupation Domination tour looks to be one of the heaviest tours in the North Americas. With acts like Origin, Cattle Decapitation, Aborted and Decrepit Birth rounding out the top 4, even that itself is heavier than most tours. What is this? “Special performances by Loculus, Embryonic Devourment, Do Not Resuscitate & Face of Ruin“, well I need to check out who these bands are! I don’t know which is heavier, this one or the current Hate Eternal/Goatwhore/Cerebral Bore/Fallujah tour.


EMMURE: Makes me pine for the arcade, not a new album. Also, tour dates!

Every Mens/Womens restroom should have Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man on the door. Emmure’s new album “Slave To The Game“, drops on April 10th, son.

Tour dates after the jump.

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03/06 Romeo, MI – High Octane Lounge
03/07 Terra Haute, IN – THMV
03/08 Steger, IL – Another Hole in the Wall
03/09 Lacrosse, WI – The Warehouse
03/10 Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
03/11 Denver, CO – Casselman’s Bar & Venue
03/12 Salt Lake City, UT – The Basement
03/13 Boise, ID – Boise Venue
03/15 Seattle, WA – Studio 7
03/16 Portland, OR – Branx
03/17 Reno, NV – Reno Underground
03/18 Sacramento/Fresno, CA – TBA
03/19 Bakersfield, CA – TBA
03/20 Canoga Park, CA – Cobalt Cafe
03/21 Las Vegas, NV – Cheyenne Saloon
03/22 Scottsdale, AZ – Chasers
03/23 Gallup, NM – The Juggernaut
03/24 El Paso, TX – TBA
03/25 Odessa, TX – The Pine Box
03/26 San Antonio, TX – Backstage Live
03/28 Houston, TX – Bikini Beach Nightclub
03/29 Shreveport, LA – TBA
03/30 Flynt, TX – The Flynt
03/31 Tulsa, OK – The Conservatory
04/01 Springfield, MO – Pop’s
04/04 Covington, KY – Bangarangs
04/06 Beckley, WV – Dry Hill Comm Center
04/07 Wyandotte, MI – The Active Room