This week my wreckommendation is for a band I’ve recently become a fan of. I saw Battlecross open up for Hate Eternal and Goatwhore and they won me over and they were just fun, entertaining and overall a good time. That didn’t stop there because I kept listening to them and their newest album called “Pursuit of Honor“. They are a melodic thrash metal band featuring a vocalist who has a good range and uses primarily harsh vocals. They are just a beer drinkin, mosh startin, headbangin good time. Check them out!

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Album Review! CANNIBAL CORPSE – Torture

The band that helped mold brutal death metal, Cannibal Corpse, has just put out their 12th studio album entitled “Torture“. Corpsegrinder and the gang are back to their usual thing, making heavy death metal while keeping that Cannibal groove about it. Ultra heavy and quite homicidal, Torture keeps this tradition going. If you liked The Wretched Spawn & Kill then you’ll love Torture, I feel like those two albums are the most similar to this newest installment. There are fast thrash metal parts, slow slamming groove sections and plenty of mosh starting, headbanging moments as well. Some of the riff work on the album is refreshing and fun, the bass guitar is (finally) more audible and the drums are back with that Cannibal thirst for blood.

I could just say “It’s a Cannibal Corpse album, either you already like them or you don’t. Check it out” and let that do the talking. Not much has changed since The Wretched Spawn. The sound is the same, the brutality is there, the tones/drums/vocals sound pretty much the same. Nothing has really changed. Honestly, that is a good thing because I have fully enjoyed what Camp Corpse has been doing for the last 2 decades. Torture is just another chapter of damn good songs in the book of death metal. It’s a neck breaker of an album and hearing the guys perform them live will be a great experience. Another thing that is consistent with Cannibal Corpse records: Listen to it loud and you’ll get a ring in your ears. This album is violently loud just like Kill and Evisceration Plague was so warn your girlfriend ahead of time. She’ll appreciate it.

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Cover Song Sunday!! MASTODON & CHIMAIRA Cover Some Old School METALLICA

Some of the best Metallica ever being covered by some of the best musicians of the newer era of metal masters. Mastodon covering “Orion” and doing a damn fine job at it. Then we have Chimaira covering “Disposable Heroes“, which was one of my favorite ‘Tallica songs growing up. Horns up, heads moving. Enjoy the covers.


MELECHESH To Release Digital EP

Blackened thrash band Melechesh will be releasing a 3 song EP called “Mystics of the Pillar II” on April 27th in Europe and May 1st in North America via Nuclear Blast Records.

EP tracklist:

01. Mystics Of The Pillar (Alternate Ending)
02. Sacred Geometry (Instrumental)
03. The Epigenesis (Instrumental)

Ashmedi of Melechesh commented: “We recorded two different ending version of ‘Mystics Of The Pillar’ — this one changes tempo and picks up steam. Why? Because we felt like it; a song with two different endings is not too common in this day and age. Last minute we chose one to be included on the album, thus the second version was not mixed and mastered ’till a much later date. We also decided to release a couple of instrumental versions to our songs, namely ‘The Epigenesis’ title track, which is a 12-13 minute epic, and ‘Sacred Geometry’. Both are multifaceted and work perfect just as instrumental works. We actually have an instrumental version of the entire album mixed and mastered so enjoy these couple of tracks.”