Suicide Silence are filming their video for the song “Slaves To Substance”

Creativity was a big part of their last music video and so far I’ve seen some great FX done to Mitch. Slaves To Substance is one of the better songs on their new album, The Black Crown. I’m excited to see this video!

Another Suicide Silence post: Listen to the “Superbeast” cover!

OK I know I’ve been SS heavy today. Just enjoy the cover.

It’s alright. It’s tough to cover Rob Zombie and capture the raw energy that music has to offer. The vocals are fine but the super low guitars don’t work to well.

Suicide Silence “You Only Live Once” music video premiere

Head on over to Guvera and look for a link on the right hand side. A video will pop up once clicked.

Notes: LOL @ 1:20 – The gayest tough guy or the toughest gay guy pumps a shotgun. He’s serious. No seriously though all of those people shooting are some of the most interesting characters you could have picked for a shooting range. Ranging from little school kid dorks to strippers. Old man Santa to a Priest. Uzi’s, shotguns, Gatling guns, oh my! It’s a fun video to watch. Guns, blood, rocking the fuck out…it’s a fun video. I loved the part when Mark gets blasted, he goes down to one knee and starts his solo out with one hand. That was epic. I also love the Hot Topic guy shooting a shotgun once then leaving, wuss.

Suicide Silence’s “The Black Crown” is out TODAY.

Jonathan Davis loves Suicide Silence. Suicide Silence loves Korn. So this happens…

“Witness the Addiction” is on Suicide Silence’s newest release, “The Black Crown” and everyone is shitting on it. Calling it “Nu-Metal” and also calling it their worst song ever. I think it’s a brilliantly written personal song that just so happens to include the master of personally emotionally deep and dark lyrics about his past, Jonathan Davis. I think it’s completely elitist and quite hipster that websites and blogs are shitting on this song. Personally, it’s one of my favorite songs on the album. I love the slow dark groove this song has and the riff behind Davis’ part fits in perfectly.

What makes this song “nu-metal”? The lyrics which are talking about his shitty past and losing his faith? The fact their are no breakdowns on this entire track? Is it because the legendary Jonathan Davis is on the track who just so happens to be the front man of the world’s greatest nu-metal band? I do not get why everyone is hating on this song so much.

Qreview! Suicide Silence – “The Black Crown”

Coming back for more after the success from their last album, “No Time To Bleed”. Suicide Silence have released “The Black Crown”, and it will not let you down. This album is a killer, Mitch Lucker really kicks it up a notch with his ferocious vocals as well as calming it down every once in awhile with a lower, more of a singing voice (As heard in “Slaves to Substance”, “Human Violence”, “You Only Live Once”). Drumming and bass guitar are powerful and if you have a killer stereo you’ll fully get to experience what they have to offer. Guitars are as groovin’, slammin’, heavy as ever. Mark Heylmun adds some guitar solos to a couple of songs and it fits in perfectly, he really adds something a little more to the mix.

Starting with “Slaves To Substance”, this song from the get go is balls to the wall, following with riff with a pitch harmonic that Robb Flynn would be proud of. “O.C.D.” is a groovy heavy song with a big “death chug” verse. One of the riffs sounds like something from an old Korn record as well. Next up is the faster, thrashier song “Human Violence”. It’s a good song that is full of anger with some Suicide Silence thrash added to it. “You Only Live Once” has a fun riff over a chug rhythm section. This track is a very fun song to shout back to the speakers. I’m sure this song will be a given with their live set list on this year’s tour. “Fuck Everything” has a very simple, yet wonderful statement. Not only are the lyrics simple and straight to the point, the song writing is as well. Yet still catchy and will drive you to head bang regardless. “March to the Black Crown” seems like a misplaced introduction track, however I feel this separates the first half from the second like an intermission. Also, it just kicks ass to listen to.

“March” gets you prepared for what is to come and it goes straight into “Witness the Addiction”, which begins with an open Drop A string just ringing out. Then it all comes together so well and sounds so great. This track is one of the longest tracks written by Suicide Silence and has a very nice dark groove to it. Also, Jonathan Davis steps in for a chorus or two. It fits in well with how slow the tempo is on this song and the screaming of Mitch behind Davis‘ style of singing is a good collaboration. It’s very well done song, something out of the ordinary for SS. “Cross Eyed Catastrophe” sounds exactly like SS listened to Lamb of God for a couple of hours and wrote this song. It’s very LoG with a Suicide Silence style. Around the 2:30 mark there is some strange singing happening int he background, confused the shit out of me. Was that a chick? Who was that? “Smashed” is a killer fucking track with Suffocation’s “Frank Mullen”. The music is straight up death metal, I love the guitar riffs on this track.

“The Only Thing That Sets Us Apart” has a very different intro for a Suicide Silence song. Very eerie and calm with a few chugs behind it. The music itself is very good, simple at parts with a few catchy leads here and there. Last on the album is “Cancerous Skies” which starts out very strong. The song is pretty brutal with more tremolo picking than any of the previous songs. All in all, this album as a whole is Suicide Silence with some new tricks up their sleeves. It’s a very heavy and well written album.

The only negative thing I have to say about this album is there are hardly any low vocals that Mitch use to do. It’s mostly that higher pitched scream. Other than that, it’s way better than your usual generic deathcore album. With more riff oriented songs than ever before, more solo’s, precise and well executed drumming that is more than just blast beats, epic low end from Dan Kenny and the best vocals Mitch has ever put out on record. The Black Crown will not disappoint you at all.

5 out of 5

Best tracks: Slaves to Substance, O.C.D., Fuck Everything, Witness the Addiction, Cross Eyed Catastrophe, Smashed and Cancerous Skies