ASIAN INVASION: Still Not Porn But BABYMETAL Still Exists & Highly Obnoxious

WTF IS THIS ABOUT?!?! I WISH I could understand what is going on, I just can’t. It’s J-Pop, it’s metal, it’s rap, it’s deathcore then it’s techno.

Is this a campaign of some sort? I bet this is some Japanese thing poking fun at all of our dumb attempts at music in recent years, cuz that’s the vibe I get from it. Be warned, this video is retarded.

Qreview! Korn – Path of Totality

First off, I want to say that this will be the last album review for 2011 and it’s late, I know this. I was swamped at work and it’s finally ceased this week. With that said, I can now continue on the review for Korn‘s latest dubsteppy album, The Path Of Totality. I need to say this right now, This should not be labeled a Korn album. It should be called “Jonathan Davis and Friends” because the presence of Fieldy and Munky are non existent. It’s just layers of electronic wubs and bumps with Jonathan Davis‘ voice over it. There are a couple of areas where you can hear a guitar riff but it’s so droned out and muffled that you could pass it off as something that a DJ inserted. While this sounds like the album would just fail miserably, it doesn’t. The drug induced tempos and beats are done well and and honestly, Jonathan singing over them sounds great. Davis‘ voice sounds really good on this album and he saves this album from being a total throw away.

The songs are catchy and each track has it’s own little special thing about it. Good or bad, it could be a chorus you can’t help but sing along to or an annoying part within the dance track. As a dubstep album, it’s alright. As a Korn album, it’s just Jonathan singing. There is hardly any guitar or bass guitar work (that I can hear and distinguish) so it’s mainly Davis doing what he does best. Blend these two together and the album is alright. I wouldn’t necessarily turn this off immediately but it’s not something I’d rush to play everyday. There are some good parts that make you headbang and sing along to. There are some parts that are just “meh” and nothing too special. However, I’d recommend giving this album at least one or two good spins. It is something different and shall I say, something special. It’s weird to hear an older rock band (late 90’s, so old bro) mesh their style with modern techno. Somehow in some way……it does work. Songs like “Way Too Far” are a prime example of this come together of sound working well.

Pros: Jonathan Davis’ voice sounds really good. Like, really fucking good. Some great parts on the techno side of things.

Cons: Hardly any Munky or Fieldy action going on at all. Dubstep music is alright. Production seems off a little on Jon’s mic on a couple of songs.

3 out of 5

Fav Tracks: Kill Mercy Within, My Wall, Burn The Obedient, Sanctuary, Let’s Go, Get Up! , Way Too Far

Chimaira releases a free “Age of Hell Remix” EP!

If you like your metal fucked with and twisted away from it’s original purpose, then Chimaira has exactly what you want! They have released a 4 song EP and it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD! Thanks guys!

While I enjoy free music, I must give a quick opinion on the EP. The only song worth more than one play is the remix of the song “Clockwork” which seems to be done by Mr. Mark Hunter himself. It’s worth checking out though, the EP is interesting to listen to.

Also, with this download you’ll get a little video of someone playing guitar. This someone may or may not be the new Chimaira guitarist and this guitarist may or may not be Matt Szlatcha ex-lead guitarist from Dirge Within. So that’s cool.

Qreview! The Browning – Burn This World

Immediately when the first song hits, you’ll get a feel for the tone of the rest of the album. Trance-core….deth-techno….dance-core….it’s crazy shit. The Browning are a band that said, “Hey you know those remixes that Big C does? Let’s just base our band on that mentality. Deathcore and techno music, it’ll work out so well!” Well, not really. Burn This World is fun and different at first, but the novelty wears off incredibly fast. The techno parts kick on at the worst times and it interrupts the songs quite a bit. The flow of the album is chopped up so much that it makes it seem long. Too long in fact and I lose interest after only a few songs in everytime. While the songs do have some heavy parts and some decent breakdowns here and there, it’s not enough to make up for the generic and boring deathcore/metalcore music behind the extacy infused rave.

Even though this album sounds like a download from, there are some decent parts to it. The opening track is the best track, along with Bloodlust. Other than that all of the songs are relatively the same and it gets repetitive fast. Sometimes the eletronic elements calm the fuck down and produce a more ambient tone to a song instead of a glow stick orgy, which is a plus. However, this rarely happens on the album. I get lost at the constant dance/breakdown/dance/breakdown pattern Burn This World offers, there is no natural organic flow to the album. It feels way to gimmicky to take seriously.

A applaud these guys for trying something new and outside of the usual core thing. I liked them at first, however that wore off really fast for me.

Pros: Some decent breakdowns, vocals are well done

Cons: gimmicky techno-core is lol

1.5 out of 5