Upon A Burning Body, not a band I listen to on a regular basis……actually not one I listen to at all. Not that they are bad but I usually default to Whitechapel and Suicide Silence for my deathcore needs. As I listen to this track, I realize that there is nothing particularly great about it. Just another track that says “Fuck” real loud and has gang vocals. Yawn. Well, I’m not impressed. Maybe next time.

Vocalist FAIL: You have one job. Do it right.

Example one: Let’s listen to Mitch from Suicide Silence butcher their song “OCD“, a song that is rather simple to remember.

I know accidents happen and being in the moment and getting ahead of yourself happens from time to time. Whether it’s a PA problem and you lose track of where you are in the song or you’ve had one too many beers before you hit the stage, these things happen. However, completely fucking up and ruining the song is unacceptable. Especially when it’s your only fucking job. You’re not playing a bass guitar, you’re not playing technical death metal riffs while belting out a verse…you’re just screaming/singing into a mic and headbanging. It’s not hard.

Also, you may want to watch the stage. Derp.

Who is to blame? What is to blame? Adrenaline? Nerves? Drugs? Poor sound/lighting? Who knows….it just seems to happen to the vocalists who have no other job to do than just belt out lyrics into a mic. I’ve seen front men like Nergal from Behemoth and Dallas Toler-Wade from Nile not miss one fucking note while playing guitar and not miss one word from a song. How come it’s easier for these men to do two duties and do them flawlessly and other people cannot handle one job?

Here is a moment where the vocalist is just drunk and ruining it for everybody.

The cool thing is…well after this train wreck moment…..Danny Warsnop cleaned up his act and is sober. Hopefully doing better now than he was just then.

All n all, vocalists who have no other job other to headbang and scream, fucking do it right. Get your fucking life together and get your shit done. Perform, execute, kick ass and give the audience the show they deserve and the show they paid for. You fucks.


Top 20 albums of 2011 – Part II: The Top 10!

Here it is….my overall top 10 of the year.

10. ChimairaThe Age of Hell – Songs that will make you drive a little faster…each song is great and you will definitely headbang and sing along. The work done on this is some of their best work since The Impossibility of Reason and it’s the last album that Matt and Rob will be apart of.


9. MastodonThe Hunter – Excellent writing that is more prog than thrash/rock. Still very heavy and catchy. Masters of their craft.


8. Splattered EntrailsNauseate – Death slam grind that does one thing and one thing well, be as brutal as possible. Mike O’Hara  makes some of the best slam grind on the internet. Truly speaker destroying and gut wrenching stuff.


7. CrowbarSever the Wicked Hand – Those riffs, man! God damn. These slow songs really make you headbang hard. Good tunes!


6. Suicide SilenceThe Black Crown – The most groovin’ album Suicide Silence has ever released! Some great riffs and awesome guest appearances too! The band is tighter than ever and the energy captured by the band is intense.


5. Hate EternalPhoenix Amongst The Ashes – True death metal that delivers. Running on all cylinders, the machine that is Hate Eternal punishes those who attempt to consume it whole. This album is dangerously fast and the riffs are fucking intense.


4. Amon AmarthSurtur Rising – It’s Amon Amarth…of course it’s going to kick ass! Back with more great riffs, solo’s and amazing screams from Johan Hegg! Surtur Rising is just another chapter of the mighty Amon Amarth in their quest to conquer the world! Seeing this entire album performed live also was another highlight of the year. Great on the speakers and just as amazing live.


3. Beyond CreationThe Aura – A surprise tech-death band that I’ve never heard of, The Aura blows me away every single time I listen to it. If you need a band to scratch that Necrophagist itch, Beyond Creation will scratch it and then some. Very satisfying album. Some of the best guitar/bass playing and drumming I’ve heard all year.


2. Woods of YpresWoods IV: The Green Album – Blackened Doom that caught me off guard. I listened to this album hundreds of times this past year. It has a lot to offer since it’s a long album and it covers many more genres from an angle. The album is one emotional ride and tells a great story. Woods IV has inspired me to not only implement some of this style in my own guitar playing, but to start this blog and tell people of the lesser known bands that are incredibly good. Excellent writing and I just can’t help but sing along.



1. Last Chance To ReasonLevel 2 – “We eat videogames and shit music.” Fuck yes they do. Level 2 is a groovin electric progressive technical metal album with harmonizing vocals, guitars and tons of poly-rhythmic playing all over the place. I love this album. It’s the best of both worlds, amazing metal combined with a layer of video game influence. The song writing is mind blowing and album as a whole is more than satisfying. Level 2 is just simply amazing, it’s definitely the best album I’ve heard this year. What a treat. From beginning to end it’s just a masterpiece.


I’ve really never paid too much attention to music videos. I’ve always appreciated bootlegged videos because I love seeing the band in their natural habitat. Nowadays, I try to appreciate music videos a little more. Whether it’s a pro-shot live version or an artsy fartsy video that doesn’t even show the band at all; I’ve come to watch these videos with a different mind set. This year was a great year for videos, there were some interesting places for bands to play that wasn’t a typical empty warehouse or random field. Some videos didn’t even show the band at all but captured the feeling of the song perfectly. These 10 videos were my favorite of 2011 and I hope you enjoy them as well.

10. Woods of YpresI Was Buried In Mount Pleasant Cemetery. This video is what got me into the band and what sparked my interest of many many other things. It’s a long song/video but it held my interest after all of these months. Interesting shots and with the combination of the band performing, it makes for one really good video. I find the ending shots to be both odd and cool at the same time, when it transfers to light and dark shots. I wonder why they decided to blur out the sides of the lens though, you can’t see the bassist and other guitarist at all really.

9. Chelsea WolfeMer. The lighting and style of this video is fucking awesome. Chelsea’s voice is so haunting and beautiful at the same time. I really have no clue what’s going on but I like what I’m seeing. I honestly just love the shot when it’s focused on Chelsea singing in front of the two candles on the wall. There is something just mesmerizing about that part of the video.

8. The Devin Townsend ProjectJuular. It’s Devin Townsend, how could this not be awesome? It’s so damn creative and the fact that Devin is dressed up like a crazy old man blowing on some tube while being shackled by some mistress makes it even weirder/better. Where are they going on this train?  Whatever the case may be, it’s intense and soothing at the same time. Townsends vocals are epic man, EPIC.

7. MastodonDeathbound. Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood meets complete Muppet mayhem. So fun to watch and the song itself is really good.

6. Suicide SilenceYou Only Live Once. A unique music video that places the band in a shooting range. In between the cartoon characters with guns and their targets. The effects are good (except for the arrow) and the video is fun to watch. All of those people at the range are creepy, like Tim Burton’s remake of The Chocolate Factory creepy. Oh man, quality video.

5. RevocationNo Funeral. It’s just Revocation performing in an empty theater. What more do you really need? The video kicks major ass considering there is not much to it. Just some great angles and shots of the band. Very good song and I love the close ups of David’s face while he belts out his vocals. I love watching this band perform, it’s like porn. Metal porn. Stimulates the eyes and ears. Very cheeky video indeed.

4. Valient ThorrSleeper Awakes. Good song, funny video! Sing along and enjoy yourself!

3. Last Chance To ReasonUpload Complete. It’s the awesome band performing the awesome song with video games and brilliant camera work. Fuck yes!

2. Motionless In WhiteImmaculate Misconception. Not really my type of music (I don’t like the clean vocals he does) but the imagery and point Chris is making I 100% agree with. Dee Snyder also makes an appearance and whips the shit out of him. You get to see the band perform, you get to see a crucifixion and there is neon jizz everywhere. Also, I got chills AND got a dose of adrenaline when Chris kicked the FUCK out of that guy in the chest. OH MAN I WANTED TO KICK SOMEONE IN THE C HEST AFTER I SAW THAT!

1. BEHEMOTH – LUCIFER. The images. The costume design. The acting. The effects and the song itself, masterful. Produced and directed by Dariusz Szermanowicz and Grupa 13, they bring forth one hell of a video. Lucifer also is another chapter in the return of Nergal, back from his Leukemia that he went through. Seeing Adam Darski sing his parts is absolutely chilling. This is my favorite song on the album and I’m so glad they made a quality video for it. HAIL BEHEMOTH!!!