SPINESHANK Signs Deal With CENTURY MEDIA; New Album Out In June

Grammy-nominated alternative-metal act SPINESHANK have reunited after a six year hiatus and are back full force and completely rejuvenated.  The band have inked a worldwide deal with Century Media Records for the release of their new album, Anger Denial Acceptance, that will be released in North America on June 19 and in Europe on June 18.

“We’re very excited to be on a great label like Century Media,” comments guitarist Mike Sarkysian.  “Aside from being the premier label for rock and metal, the seem to really understand our vision and are as excited as we are about taking Spineshank to a whole new level!”

Anger Denial Acceptance will be the band’s fourth album and follow up to their 2003 release, Self-Destructive Pattern.  “This is by far the proudest I have ever been of any Spineshank record,” says Sarkysian.  “Anger Denial Acceptance is the darkest and the most honest this band has ever been.”

Wow. This new Spineshank song is good.

I use to listen to Spineshank quite a bit back in the day. Discovering they just dropped a new track onto the public grabbed my interest. This track is pretty heavy. It’s lacking the electronic feel that Spineshank use to have but I think that’s for the best. Just play heavy music and evolve. Jonny‘s vocals are still very good. He hasn’t lost his ability to sing/scream at all. Bravo, SS. Bravo indeed. Spineshank’s newest album will be out in 2012.