Album Review: Crosses – EP ††

Crosses comes back with another EP for us all simply titled “EP ††” and it basically picks right back up from where EP † left off. While still wildly amazing like the first EP, it has a more soothing sexy ambiance about it that you would normally get from a Nine Inch Nails album. Chino’s vocal work is as always amazing as hell, music is moving and catchy and Chuck Doom’s low end bass work is fucking phenomenal. You cannot help but sing along, you cannot help but groove along to the beat and Crosses definitely makes you “feel” the music.

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Cleanse Your Soul By Watching A Live Performance By CROSSES

Watch a video or two of Crosses performing in California. If you like, head on over to my playlist on YouTube…I have their entire set on there. I did not record it however. Someone with the user name went to TWO shows this past week and recorded both sets. Be sure to subscribe!


WRECK-OMMENDATION! CROSSES featuring Chino Moreno on vocals.

I’m sure you have heard of this band already. Chino Moreno on vocals and Shaun Lopez on just about everything else. This collaboration is one of the best things to happen in recent years. If you’re a fan of bands like The Cure, Deftones (derp), NIN, Depeche Mode and other sexy shit to fuck to, then you’ll enjoy the music from Crosses. Check out a few songs below from the their second EP.

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Crosses ††† release their latest track: Prurien†

Crosses finally releases their latest track Prurien† after many many teases with their “stem” tracks. Prurien† is actually way better than those other tracks that people were putting together on bandcamp, thank god. That sure teaches me for not being patient! Well the track features some amazing vocal work from Chino and yet more calming soothing shit from Shaun. The drums during the chorus adds a little kick to the otherwise “stranded in the ocean” vibe from the rest of the song.

Frankly, I love it. Shocker right? It’s funny how Cannibal Corpse and Crosses can release new shit on the same date and even though they are polar opposites, I love em both. I cannot wait to hear the new EP that Crosses will be releasing on the 24th.

If you would like to listen to the track, click right here! Right click and “Save Link As” to download the track. Enjoy.

New CROSSES Track?

Crosses †††, a duo consisting of Chino Moreno (Deftones) and Shaun Lopez (Far), have been in the studio working on a new EP since last year’s awesome EP they released titled “†††”. The new EP will be released Jan 24th

“Prurien† – Stem #1” is the new track they have made available and you can listen to it here!!!

Something Beautiful Is Coming (††† EP ††)

I don’t give one flying fuck about the religious aspect of the lyrical content provided by this band. I do care about the music and Mr. Moreno singing. He could sing about midgets fucking she-male rhino’s and I would be OK with that.