ASIAN INVASION: Still Not Porn But BABYMETAL Still Exists & Highly Obnoxious

WTF IS THIS ABOUT?!?! I WISH I could understand what is going on, I just can’t. It’s J-Pop, it’s metal, it’s rap, it’s deathcore then it’s techno.

Is this a campaign of some sort? I bet this is some Japanese thing poking fun at all of our dumb attempts at music in recent years, cuz that’s the vibe I get from it. Be warned, this video is retarded.

SHTURM – Solitude Beside (Music Video)

Melodic thrash/death metal from Russia! Shturm’s new song “Solitude Beside” is off of their new album, “Karmaruna“. I’ve never heard of them before but I do like what I am hearing. Shturm combines the furious sounds of both thrash and death metal, adds a little melody and executes it with a style that is different from the usual combination of the two genres. Vocal style fits in well with the music and altogether I’d say this is a solid band.

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Ah man,the new album from Exotic Animal Petting Zoo is FUCKING GREAT! The band has released the song “Apis Bull” to tide you over until the entire thing is released. The new album drops April 24th and is titled “Tree Of Tongues“.