Album Review! Aborted – Global Flatline

Tone is heavy, drums are fucking nuts and vocals kill your ears (in a good way). Aborted’sGlobal Flatline” is fucking awesome! Each time I listen to this monster it always makes me energetic, alert and happy. How could such a brutal grind/death metal album make me happy? Let’s see…..let’s start off with the epic amount of endless riffs that is pumped out on this album. Seriously, if you enjoy rhythm guitar, Aborted does not disappoint. I fucking love great riffs and song writing and Global Flatline fucking brings it song after song after song. Just endless riffing, blasting and screaming. Makes me wish I was in a mosh pit each and every time I listen to this record. The intensity of the band is unmatched, I haven’t heard anything close to this in a long fucking time. Drumming is more than just mammoth double bass and blast beats, there are incredible rhythm sections and fills throughout the entire album. Vocals are changed up quite a bit, being ultra guttural and then a higher raspier scream that sounds like no one else.

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Thank You For A Great Start In 2011.

I was sharing metal news from my Facebook page before I started this blog. I spammed my wall feed to my friends about shit that is coming out, bands coming to town and every once in a while I did a review for an album. Early 2011 I heard some music that inspired me to do this even more. I wanted to find some bands that were new (to me) and share them. The first band to do this was Woods of Ypres. Then it progressed to other bands in many many different genres. I hit up websites and stalked the Metal Injection forum and had some back n forth banter with some people. I love what Metal Injection and MetalSucks does for the community. They are big time blogs doing some big time shit: interviews, exclusives and tons of content. What really made me want to start MY own blog was this duo of blogs that I thought were great. One is Heavy Blog Is Heavy and the other is American Aftermath.

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Here is some more greatness of 2011. More personal opinions that hardly matter but I feel as though they should be shared. Here are some more “best of 2011” mini-lists. An award ceremony if you will. Except there are no awards. The only award is us listening to them and their music.


1 – ††† (Crosses)– †

2 – DeadfallNew Light

3 – ImmolationProvidence



 1 – Amon AmarthSurtur Rising

2 – CrowbarSever The Wicked Hand

3 – Woods of YpresWoods IV



1 – Dominic “Forest” Lapointe of Beyond Creation

2 – Chris Corey of Last Chance To Reason

3 – Alex Webster of Blotted Science



1 – David Davidson of Revocation

2 – Simon Girard and Kevin Chartre of Beyond Creation

3 – Johan Söderberg and Olavi Mikkonen of Amon Amarth



1 – Francesco Paoli of Fleshgod Apocalypse

 2 – Jade Simonetto of Hate Eternal

3 – Phil Dubois-Coyne of Revocation



1 – Michael Lessard of Last Chance To Reason

2 – Joseph E. Martinez of Junius

3 – Chelsea Wolfe



 1 – Simon Girard of Beyond Creation

2 – Erik Rutan of Hate Eternal

3 – Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth



Revocation – Chaos of Forms



1 – Scale The Summit – The Collective

2 – Russian CirclesEmpros

3 – Blotted ScienceThe Animation of Entomology