NEW SONG! INVERLOCH – Shadows of the Flame

Inverloch, a new death/doom band that is releasing a 3 song EP on April 10th entitled “Dusk | Subside“, has recently put out one of their songs on Pitchfork for your listening pleasure. Shadows of the Flame is no joke, the song is heavy, catchy and has a cool ultra slow part with a blasting snare drum and some beast vocals.  I highly recommend giving this song and this band a try. Very good death/doom metal coming from these guys.



Holy shit this is thick and juicy! Inverloch’s new song is some of the nastiest doom I’ve heard in awhile. The vocals are demonic, the sound is down right sinister and production is incredibly crisp. I’m definitely liking this sound, this is some of the best sludge/doom/death/drone/shoegaze shit I’ve heard in awhile! Inverloch’s album “Dusk | Subside” drops April 10th on Relapse Records! MARK YOUR CALENDERS!