MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE Has Their Own Version Of Hunger Games; Hits You Like A Fuckin’ Tornado

Jimmy Urine filmed while performing their hit track “Tornado” on stage in Dallas, TX. Mindless Self Indulgence is a special kind of music that you have to just let everything go and just enjoy yourself, that or be fucked up on all kinds of weird drugs. Either way, their fun to listen to and pretty darn good live. It’s white boy hip hop with a weird punk twist to it that also has unique singing involved. Check it out.

Album Review! Exotic Animal Petting Zoo – Tree of Tongues

The name itself, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, is enough to spark interest in many things. Especially if it’s a rock band, with a name like that you HAVE to see what they are about. I think it’s an incredible strategy because it immediately makes you want to read about the band, listen to the band and see what they have to offer. Well, once the music starts, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo come in and give us exactly what we should expect for the rest of their new album, “Tree of Tongues“. It’s a forceful impact of energy and just a huge wall of sound that isn’t like what I usually listen to. I’m usually the death, black, grind and doom kind of guy. With a few exceptions of course so when I saw that EAPZ was compared to bands like Deftones and Dillinger Escape Plan I was like “Yeah, fucking right. That’s some ballsy shit saying your sound is similar to their sound.” Well, they are pretty fucking close and so much more. Exotic Animal Petting Zoo’sTree of Tongues” is new, fun, fresh and really really really good. It’s an entirely new genre of music, due to the fact they have no barriers. The sound on Tree of Tongues is a unique sound and I am literally blown away after each and every listen.

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The Absolutely Most Ridiculous and Hilarious Band Ever: Rat AIDS (Free Downloads)


This music is like listening to every recorded second of anything Adam Sandler has ever done while on acid and Downs Syndrome.

Click here to listen to this amazing shit. Rat AIDS! Be sure to listen to the other albums that they have up. ENJOY!


Ah man,the new album from Exotic Animal Petting Zoo is FUCKING GREAT! The band has released the song “Apis Bull” to tide you over until the entire thing is released. The new album drops April 24th and is titled “Tree Of Tongues“.

Qreview! Trap Them – Darker Handcraft

Intense music from Trap Them’s new album, Darker Handcraft. Great tone and vocals are done well. I’ve never listened to Trap Them before in my life, but I must say they sound like they would kick some ass on stage. Darker Handcraft is a “Let’s drink and rage!!” kind of album.

I can tolerate Darker Handcraft and listen to it with no problem, I wouldn’t turn it off immediately. Nor would I turn it on. It’s a decent album but it’s just not my thing.

Pros: Music is decent. Very punk rock.

Cons: Nothing grabs me.

2.5 out of 5


Incredibly interesting metal website! “Map of Metal”

Map of Metal shows us the history of rock (metal, punk, death, grind, etc) and gives us examples and bands whom fit into said genre. It’s a very fun and interesting website that may expose you to something new. If you were ever curious about the origin of metal and the evolution of this particular music and all of it’s genre’s. This site is for you. The interactive map is fun to navigate as well with really well done art.

From Black Sabbath to Suicide Silence. From Judas Priest to Pantera. Read metal while listening to metal. That’s fucking metal.

Check it out at Map of Metal!