MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE Has Their Own Version Of Hunger Games; Hits You Like A Fuckin’ Tornado

Jimmy Urine filmed while performing their hit track “Tornado” on stage in Dallas, TX. Mindless Self Indulgence is a special kind of music that you have to just let everything go and just enjoy yourself, that or be fucked up on all kinds of weird drugs. Either way, their fun to listen to and pretty darn good live. It’s white boy hip hop with a weird punk twist to it that also has unique singing involved. Check it out.

ASIAN INVASION: Still Not Porn But BABYMETAL Still Exists & Highly Obnoxious

WTF IS THIS ABOUT?!?! I WISH I could understand what is going on, I just can’t. It’s J-Pop, it’s metal, it’s rap, it’s deathcore then it’s techno.

Is this a campaign of some sort? I bet this is some Japanese thing poking fun at all of our dumb attempts at music in recent years, cuz that’s the vibe I get from it. Be warned, this video is retarded.