Cover Song Sunday!! Jam Out To AMON AMARTH covering SYSTEM OF A DOWN & PERIPHERY Covering SLIPKNOT

Amon Amarth randomly released this amazing cover of System of a Down’s hit single “Aerials” and it’s a damn fine cover. Then recently Periphery did the same thing and just put out a Slipknot cover for “The Heretic Anthem” one morning. So here you have some heavy hitting bands covering some good old fashioned Nü metal shit. \w/

PERIPHERY Cover SLIPKNOT’S “Heretic Anthem” – Cover =/= Shit

I barely listen to Periphery but when I see a big ruckus about a band covering someone I use to jam on a daily basis…of course I’m going to check it out. The result is a legit cover, a homage to where we were a decade ago. Fueling hate into teens and making them scream “666” and “fuck” more than most bands of that time who blew up near the Nü metal era. Periphery gives the song justice and it’s pretty damn good! Wear is my backpack and my driving permit? I have to get to my part time job and listen to Slipknot whilst doing so.

(I use to draw Slipknot’s “S” symbol on EVERYTHING in high school)

SPINESHANK Signs Deal With CENTURY MEDIA; New Album Out In June

Grammy-nominated alternative-metal act SPINESHANK have reunited after a six year hiatus and are back full force and completely rejuvenated.  The band have inked a worldwide deal with Century Media Records for the release of their new album, Anger Denial Acceptance, that will be released in North America on June 19 and in Europe on June 18.

“We’re very excited to be on a great label like Century Media,” comments guitarist Mike Sarkysian.  “Aside from being the premier label for rock and metal, the seem to really understand our vision and are as excited as we are about taking Spineshank to a whole new level!”

Anger Denial Acceptance will be the band’s fourth album and follow up to their 2003 release, Self-Destructive Pattern.  “This is by far the proudest I have ever been of any Spineshank record,” says Sarkysian.  “Anger Denial Acceptance is the darkest and the most honest this band has ever been.”

Jonathan Davis loves Suicide Silence. Suicide Silence loves Korn. So this happens…

“Witness the Addiction” is on Suicide Silence’s newest release, “The Black Crown” and everyone is shitting on it. Calling it “Nu-Metal” and also calling it their worst song ever. I think it’s a brilliantly written personal song that just so happens to include the master of personally emotionally deep and dark lyrics about his past, Jonathan Davis. I think it’s completely elitist and quite hipster that websites and blogs are shitting on this song. Personally, it’s one of my favorite songs on the album. I love the slow dark groove this song has and the riff behind Davis’ part fits in perfectly.

What makes this song “nu-metal”? The lyrics which are talking about his shitty past and losing his faith? The fact their are no breakdowns on this entire track? Is it because the legendary Jonathan Davis is on the track who just so happens to be the front man of the world’s greatest nu-metal band? I do not get why everyone is hating on this song so much.