Check Out This Sweet NILE Video…or 3

Nile is obviously one of my favorite bands, I search YouTube all the time to try to find amazing footage of the band playing live. This month I get to see Nile perform a headlining set for the first time ever, the anticipation is killing me. For now, I quench my thirst for blood with a few videos I recently found. Enjoy.

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Nile is one of those few bands that really truly fucking bring it release after release, show after show, night after night, year after year. Since the 90’s, Nile has been telling stories of gods, slaves, torture and giant fucking gators. Mixing ancient Egyptian mythology with the intensity of death metal and implementing middle eastern influences into the music, Nile has created something unique in a genre where everything is about murder and Satan, well usually. Anyways, I’m seeing Nile next month and I’ve been getting fucking pumped up to see them ABSOLUTELY DESTROY Lawrence, KS. I’ve had this playlist I found of them playing live last year on constant loop for about a week now. So I thought I’d share it with you. The sound and picture quality is one of the best I’ve found of the band performing live so enjoy your Ash Wednesday (and my birthday) with some fucking NILE!!!!

Click here to get to my playlist.