This week my wreckommendation is for a band I’ve recently become a fan of. I saw Battlecross open up for Hate Eternal and Goatwhore and they won me over and they were just fun, entertaining and overall a good time. That didn’t stop there because I kept listening to them and their newest album called “Pursuit of Honor“. They are a melodic thrash metal band featuring a vocalist who has a good range and uses primarily harsh vocals. They are just a beer drinkin, mosh startin, headbangin good time. Check them out!

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GALAKTIKON: Brendon Small’s (Dethklok) Sweet Metal Project Contains Some Impressive Music And Vocals!

It’s obvious that Brendon Small is a genius and ultra talented person. He managed to create a bad ass metal cartoon show with actual music that he himself made, went on tour under the Dethklok name and lived like a rock star with one of the coolest tour buses I’ve ever seen. Now Mr. Small is putting out another big hit, this time with his new project Galaktikon and I must say….bravo. I didn’t know what to expect but I had a feeling it would just sound like Dethklok. Well…no actually, not even close. The song “On My Way” has no death metal vocals or even super fast tremolo picking and blast beats. It features some great riffs, sweet licks and a groovy bass line. Drums are great and the coolest thing about the vocals is there is actual singing going on. It’s like Snakes n Barrels meets Devin Townsend in a weird way. Just listen to the song, you’ll dig it.

SOULFLY Perform “World Scum” Live in San Diego, Bring Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation) On Stage To Belt Out His Part

I’ve already heard this song countless times already but seeing Travis perform that second verse of his brought chills up and down my spine. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this track makes me want new Cattle Decapitation more so than Soulfly. The new Soulfly album is alright but Cattle Decap is just simply amazing. Check out the performance below!