I’m Surprised AARP Isn’t Sponsoring The KISS/MOTLEY CRUE 2012 Tour.

The Kiss and Mötley Crüe Tour! Tell your parents their favorite music from their past is coming back for one more trip through memory lane. Oh I can see it now, a sea of face painted dweebs and fat groupies from 1987 who put on 200 extra pounds yet still dress like they are 21 and 120 lbs. Yikes. Not only is this terrifying in imagination, I’m sure the reality of the situation won’t be much better. Oh and my guess is that the ticket prices will be ungodly, like 80 bucks for GA and probably 40 for those nosebleed seats. Enjoy this event! It may not be as bad as I imagine but….I don’t want to take that chance.

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Artist to Watch In 2012!? No Fucking Way: IT BOYS! – “Guys Don’t Like Me”

Sadly I just watched this abortion of a music video and it’s a fucking boy band with instruments, A modern day Motley Crue plus tons of LAME! God dammit, if this is a band to watch then I hope the end of the world is happening this year. This is nothing more than a band that exists only to sell their records and shirts at Hot Topic and keep their sales going, and to get teenage girls to have dirty thoughts while on the bus ride to middle school. Disgusting. I feel dirty having watched this.

NOW SIT BACK AND ENJOY IT BOYS! I’m going to go destroy my face with a cheese grater instead.

Bands I’m thankful for – Part I: The Beginning

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! While I really only care about the true meaning of Thanksgiving, tons of mashed potatoes and turkey, I wanted to fully express my utter most thanks for the bands that have shaped me and changed my life for the better. I am thankful for these bands, I am happy they exist. Whether they  pushed me to better things or influenced and inspired me, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without these guys. So without further ado, here is part one of my Thanksgiving posts.

I was into to rock and roll at a very very young age. The guitar riffs and solo’s from the 80’s caught my little brain and never let go. No matter if it was Van Halen, Guns n Roses or Cinderella, their writing and bad ass songs just made me want more! Some of the first bands I can remember that I truly enjoyed were Aerosmith, Guns n Roses, Motley Crue, Poison, Cinderella, Van Halen, Damn Yankees and Ozzy. My mother played a lot of Guns n Roses in the car. Singing November Rain, Sweet Child O Mine and Paradise City in the car while going to the grocery store is an early metal music memory.

Of course, the radio stations at the time were playing this non-stop. Pre-grunge radio was amazing. It was consistently good in every aspect, now that grunge has come and gone, the station here plays it like it’s still 1994. Fuck Pearl Jam. Anyways, there were a ton of this hair metal stuff going on. Back then, I just cared about the music. I didn’t give two shits on how they dressed or what they looked like. I thought Axl Rose had the coolest voice ever! Another vocalist I remember respecting was Tom Keifer from Cinderella and Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. Another reason why I liked Aerosmith was Joe Perry, god that guy could play the guitar.

I dunno. Now that I look back at it all, these guys had style. They had really good talent. I think the 90’s ruined these guys. Most quit, some continued but none of it was good. Being a kid between 88-94 was quite lucky. I got to grow up listening to some great music. I still remember the days my dad would work on the Chevelle or clean the house with my mom blasting some Van Halen and Ted Nugent. Days of driving out to the drag races or even to their friends house I remember most of it. Riding in that white station wagon that stood tough like a hot rod. Big ol speakers in the back, pumping out Damn Yankees at high volumes. Damn Yankees…..that band was fucking good. I also remember getting a kick out of saying the bands name, I was young and able to say “damn” without getting smacked. I sang this song so many times.

I enjoyed this music and honestly, sitting here feeling all nostalgic, I still like it. It’s talented and written really well! Yes, keyboards are being used here but it’s not all electronic hip hop beat bullshit with some underage preteen garbage going on. When I finally got a boombox (yes, I said boombox) in my bedroom I would use my Hot Wheels red racetrack as a guitar, some of my sisters pots and pans for drums and make a microphone out of anything, hit play on the track and imitate the song like a goofy little kid. I enjoyed the shit out of it. I did this countless times with Cinderella. My parents had this VHS tape and I would play that shit religiously and imitate what was going on the screen.

I am just thankful for growing up during this era and honestly, for my parents who listened to this and played it around me. They didn’t shelter me from music, they played the real shit. Not just a cassette tape of Sesame Street looping in the ol minivan. It was rocking out in the car to some Tesla and Skidrow. I’m thankful for these bands. They pushed me unto the darkness that is metal. We all start somewhere, this is where I started. Kick back, relax and enjoy some good tunes.

I just want to add, this is the first music video I remember seeing. That first riff is still hot shit. Cinderella, man, one of the best from that era.

I realize this last track is from the 70’s, however, this was an important track in my child hood. My father LOVED Nugent and I remember this was definitely on the radio atleast once a weekend. This and Cat Scratch Fever! Have a good night everybody.