Album Review! CANNIBAL CORPSE – Torture

The band that helped mold brutal death metal, Cannibal Corpse, has just put out their 12th studio album entitled “Torture“. Corpsegrinder and the gang are back to their usual thing, making heavy death metal while keeping that Cannibal groove about it. Ultra heavy and quite homicidal, Torture keeps this tradition going. If you liked The Wretched Spawn & Kill then you’ll love Torture, I feel like those two albums are the most similar to this newest installment. There are fast thrash metal parts, slow slamming groove sections and plenty of mosh starting, headbanging moments as well. Some of the riff work on the album is refreshing and fun, the bass guitar is (finally) more audible and the drums are back with that Cannibal thirst for blood.

I could just say “It’s a Cannibal Corpse album, either you already like them or you don’t. Check it out” and let that do the talking. Not much has changed since The Wretched Spawn. The sound is the same, the brutality is there, the tones/drums/vocals sound pretty much the same. Nothing has really changed. Honestly, that is a good thing because I have fully enjoyed what Camp Corpse has been doing for the last 2 decades. Torture is just another chapter of damn good songs in the book of death metal. It’s a neck breaker of an album and hearing the guys perform them live will be a great experience. Another thing that is consistent with Cannibal Corpse records: Listen to it loud and you’ll get a ring in your ears. This album is violently loud just like Kill and Evisceration Plague was so warn your girlfriend ahead of time. She’ll appreciate it.

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NEW SONG: JOB FOR A COWBOY – Black Discharge

Head on over to Metal Underground to enjoy the new Job For A Cowboy track “Black Discharge” off of their new album “Demonocracy” out on April 10th via Metal Blade Records.

NEW SONG: CATTLE DECAPITATION – “A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat” & Album Art/Title REVEALED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surprise to me, Cattle Decapitation’s new song has become available earlier than expected… must be my birthday!!! Cattle Decapitation’s new album “Monolith of Inhumanity” will be released on May 8th through Metal Blade Records. Their new single, “A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat“, may have a disgusting ring to it but the music itself is far from gross. Travis’ vocals are once again impressive (How does he do this, album after album?!?!?!) and the music is more constructed towards a good death groove compared to their previous works with over the top guitar work. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still incredibly sinister and evil and heavy as all hell, the riffs seem to be more focused on palm muted tremolo riffs on this particular track. Not much of a solo, just some good ol’ guitar screams. The drum work is maniacal and the gravity blasts return to puncture your skull. “A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat” is an instant classic, it’s got me fucking pumped for this new album.

Track Listing:

01. The Carbon Stampede
02. Dead Set On Suicide
03. A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat
04. Forced Gender Reassignment
05. Gristle Licker
06. Projectile Ovulation
07. Lifestalker
08. Do Not Resuscitate
09. Your Disposal
10. The Monolith
11. Kingdom of Tyrants

Concert Review! HATE ETERNAL

Erik, J.J. and Jade set up and the two front men turn their backs to us and check their tuning (I’m guessing), making sure everything is ready for what is about to happen. The main lights dim and the stage is illuminated with a dark blue color. Erik gets the guitar to scream a little and he and J.J. turn around to begin the sudden slaughter. The sheer brutality and immense sound that comes from the band from here on out was absolutely amazing. This was my first time seeing Hate Eternal live and It was far more satisfying that I had hoped for.

The sound was absolutely breathtaking and true to how the albums sound. Jade’s drumming was impeccable and the performance on J.J.’s and Erik’s fretboard was very impressive. J.J.’s work on that bass guitar was mind blowing and he is incredibly over looked when it comes to talented bass guitarists and even vocals. I managed to talk to both Erik and J.J. briefly and it’s awesome how two genuinely nice guys can growl and scream and play such savage music. They play their music with intensity and precision, the band’s sound throughout the entire set was very tight and just massive. Not one note was fucked up (from what I could hear, I was headbanging quite a bit) and these guys play with a fierce fire in their hearts and it truly shows on stage.

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100,000 Views Hit: THANK YOU! Also, JOB FOR A COWBOY Perform A Song LIVE!!!

This morning I woke up and found that I’ve hit 100k views in just 7 1/2 months. I never even thought I would hit that in my first year let alone under it! Thank you for reading my blog, reviews and jamming out to the music I share throughout the day. It’ll only get better from here. CHEERS!!!!

Now for the music, Job For A Cowboy recently played a new song and it is a continuance on the JFAC into death metal territory. Black Discharge sounds god awful but I’m sure it has something to do with the BP spill in the gulf, since JFAC is always spouting off about government coverups and other conspiracies. The new talent that JFAC has now on lead guitar and bass guitar makes them sound a lot better than previous records and I’ve only heard two songs from the new album so far. Amazing work gentlemen, Demonocracy comes out April 10th via Metal Blade Records

BATTLECROSS: Perform “Breaking You” Live In Kansas City!


I’ve barely heard of Battlecross‘ music before I saw them the other night. Feb 29th to be exact and they came from Michigan and filled in for Cerebral Bore and Fallujah on a very short notice. They got the call, packed their shit and hauled ass to Kansas City, MO and rocked the fucking place. I was impressed and I’m now a big fan of these guys! I’ll be seeing them live again with Origin, Cattle Decapitation, Aborted and Decrepit Birth in April! Hail the almighty force that is BATTLECROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review of their set will be up shortly.