This week my wreckommendation is for a band I’ve recently become a fan of. I saw Battlecross open up for Hate Eternal and Goatwhore and they won me over and they were just fun, entertaining and overall a good time. That didn’t stop there because I kept listening to them and their newest album called “Pursuit of Honor“. They are a melodic thrash metal band featuring a vocalist who has a good range and uses primarily harsh vocals. They are just a beer drinkin, mosh startin, headbangin good time. Check them out!

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DEE SNIDER’S Daughter Is In A Band & She Is The Lead Vocalist; THEY ALL FLOAT

They All Float is not entirely bad. Harsh ocals sound a little throaty, like a frog trying to do them but they aren’t bad at all. Music sounds like a cross between hardcore/metalcore with a touch of Killswitch Engage’s melodic sense of the genres and the elegance of what In This Moment tries to capture. They All Float’s debut EP is alright for a new band, there is definitely room for improvement, I think they’ll find their way soon. However for now they need to focus on their own sound because blending a few influences from 7 years ago is rather boring. Also, the clean vocals are just off key and the harmony of both clean vocalists do not sound right at all. Stick to the harsh vocals, find your own style and run with it. This isn’t working and after one listen to the EP I’ve had enough.


SHTURM – Solitude Beside (Music Video)

Melodic thrash/death metal from Russia! Shturm’s new song “Solitude Beside” is off of their new album, “Karmaruna“. I’ve never heard of them before but I do like what I am hearing. Shturm combines the furious sounds of both thrash and death metal, adds a little melody and executes it with a style that is different from the usual combination of the two genres. Vocal style fits in well with the music and altogether I’d say this is a solid band.

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Album Review! Exotic Animal Petting Zoo – Tree of Tongues

The name itself, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, is enough to spark interest in many things. Especially if it’s a rock band, with a name like that you HAVE to see what they are about. I think it’s an incredible strategy because it immediately makes you want to read about the band, listen to the band and see what they have to offer. Well, once the music starts, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo come in and give us exactly what we should expect for the rest of their new album, “Tree of Tongues“. It’s a forceful impact of energy and just a huge wall of sound that isn’t like what I usually listen to. I’m usually the death, black, grind and doom kind of guy. With a few exceptions of course so when I saw that EAPZ was compared to bands like Deftones and Dillinger Escape Plan I was like “Yeah, fucking right. That’s some ballsy shit saying your sound is similar to their sound.” Well, they are pretty fucking close and so much more. Exotic Animal Petting Zoo’sTree of Tongues” is new, fun, fresh and really really really good. It’s an entirely new genre of music, due to the fact they have no barriers. The sound on Tree of Tongues is a unique sound and I am literally blown away after each and every listen.

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FALLUJAH Wrecks Their Van/Trailer, Equipment Is Fucked But Everyone Is OK. Donate And Help Them Out!!!

Ultra talented technical death metal musicians that make up Fallujah were involved in a wreck last night in Wyoming while driving on Highway 80. The guys hit a patch of black ice and lost control, flipping their vehicle. No word on their equipment or their ability to continue on the tour yet (God dammit I was going to see them tomorrow!!!!!) but my guess is that their gear is fucked. Please visit their Facebook page and show some support and if you want to show even more support, donate to their Paypal!

VEXT: Over 2 Minute Teaser Video With New Music

Tommy Vext, I’ve known him as the Dino bashing vocalist for the band Divine Heresy. However, you may know him as the new vocalist for the band known as Vext (clever) and they have just finished up their new EP entitled Impermanence. The teaser for the album contains a melodic sound similar to Killswitch Engage. No release date yet but at least for now you can enjoy (or hate) the music in the teaser. What do you think? It honestly isn’t that bad at all.

NEW SONG: ODDLAND – “Above and Beyond”

A band I’ve never heard before has released a new song that is pretty easy on the ears. Oddland’sAbove and Beyond” is sorta like a melodic math metal. The riffs definitely have that time signature change about them and while it’s not overly heavy or brutal, it’s still pretty rockin. Oddland’s new album, “The Treachery of Senses“, comes out on April 8th here in NA.