Gnarly Grind: HUMAN TRANSMUTATION Punches You In The Face Repeatedly For 49 Seconds. (Free Download)

Not only is this new grind, IT IS FREE FOR DOWNLOAD! So go ahead and pick up the two tracks that make up Human Transmutation’s 2 song demo/EP, “Dogs of the Military“.

Two Fullmetal Alchemist freaks from different parts of the US decided one day to put their love of grind and anime into a single, simplistic, barbaric form of cyber brutality. Featuring members of Kindergarten Hazing Ritual and The Eyeboogers.

So press play and be blown away by 2 song in under 1 minute. God damn those vocals are nasty! If you like your music heavy and fast, then Human Transmutation has what you need this morning.


Chimaira releases a free “Age of Hell Remix” EP!

If you like your metal fucked with and twisted away from it’s original purpose, then Chimaira has exactly what you want! They have released a 4 song EP and it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD! Thanks guys!

While I enjoy free music, I must give a quick opinion on the EP. The only song worth more than one play is the remix of the song “Clockwork” which seems to be done by Mr. Mark Hunter himself. It’s worth checking out though, the EP is interesting to listen to.

Also, with this download you’ll get a little video of someone playing guitar. This someone may or may not be the new Chimaira guitarist and this guitarist may or may not be Matt Szlatcha ex-lead guitarist from Dirge Within. So that’s cool.