Wreckommendation!!! CHELSEA WOLFE

This week we tone down the guitars, slow down the percussion and tell the mad vocalist to take a hike and replace them with incredibly talented singer/guitarist/song writer Chelsea Wolfe. Her style may not be exactly “metal” but she has this goth/doom presence about her and the music she puts out is unlike anything else that I listen to. Her voice is simply, beautiful. It’s gives you goosebumps, it makes you feel the music and if you are like KeepItWolfSon, it makes you fall in love over and over.

Enjoy Chelsea Wolfe. Grab a cup of coffee, smoke a bowl and kick the fuck back. Grab a loved one and dance around. Feel the music…it’s very unique. Visit her Facebook and Twitter for updates, news and random shit. Also, visit her official site!

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Thrawsunblat. The Woods of Ypres side project of blackened folk metal goodness.

If the title doesn’t explain it well enough, then head over to their bandcamp and enjoy the music they are offering. Then buy the album!

I’m currently listening to this as I type it and I am really digging it! I just listened to the album in full and IT IS FUCKING GOOD!!! I like their approach to folk metal. It’s the best adaptation I’ve ever heard of this genre, quite frankly.