Amazing Footage Of BEHEMOTH Playing At The Neurotic Deathfest Yesterday

Behemoth…..what can I say? They are the best blackened death metal band out there…almost the best band out there period. They work hard, create great tunes and kick cancer in the balls. They are rock n roll, man. Here are a couple of videos from yesterday’s performance at Neurotic Deathfest in the Netherlands. Songs are “Slaves Shall Serve, Chant For Ezkaton 2000 & Lucifer“. \w/

NEW SONG: NAGLFAR – An Extension Of His Arm And Will (No Clean Singing Premiere)

Head on over to No Clean Singing to listen to the new track by Swedish death metal lords Noglfar entitled “An Extension Of His Arm And Will“. The track is chaotic and beautiful. I’m definitely looking forward to listening to the new album, “Teras“, in full. The album will be out March 26th through Century Media.

CATTLE DECAPITATION have finished recording!!!

From their Facebook: “THE NEW ALBUM IS FINISHED!!! Leaving Denver now… See you on the slab.”

FUCKING FUCK YES! Cattle Decapitation are one of the bands I’m heavily waiting on to hear new material from. I cannot wait to hear this new album that has no release date, title or even 5 seconds of sound leaked. GET FUCKING EXCITED!!!


While I was looking for the most disturbing album covers for a post I did way back when I found this thread. It’s a bunch of Christians trying to find the most “Anti-Christian” song out there and then posting the lyrics and music. Scaring themselves and posting goofy shit.

“What about this American band called Lamb of God?”




Ladies and Gentlemen, the new Plague Widow track:

I usually use the term “beautiful” to describe something that is delicate, calm and relaxing. However, this is beautiful blackened death grind. This shit is furious and I dare you to not move your head. You cannot help it. The song is rather short but it’s the most sinister thing I’ve heard so far this year! It’s quick and to the point. Straight up metal, music to kill to. Self Titled EP available sometime in 2012 (No exact date has been set) on Buriedinhell Records.

NEPHELIUM: Brings Forth The Death Metal With “Merciless Annihilation”.

If you’re in the mood for straight up ass ripping death metal, then NEPHELIUM has what you need. This year looks promising for death metal, from well known acts such as Cannibal Corpse to new comers such as Nephelium. If you want crushing riffs, evil screams and maniacal drumming; then Nephelium has what you need. Their album “Coils of Entropy” drops Feb 7th. Check out their latest single, “Merciless Annihilation” below.