Black metal usually is best when it comes from the northern European countries. Very rarely do you hear of an amazing black metal act from the United States. Well from the quiet state of New Hampshire comes a blackened force so loud and full of doom you will be flabbergasted at what you’ve heard. Vattnet Viskar provides us with some of the best black metal/doom so far this year and their label, Broken Limbs Recordings, just put out their latest journey through time and space; life and death. The 3 song EP will not disappoint and the talent from these gentlemen is unimaginable. They are within a genre that is currently flooded with bands trying to imitate and perfect a certain sound yet Vattnet Viskar stands above the rest with their frantic howls and seemingly daunting guitar work. It’s good shit and it’s this weeks Wreckommendation!

For fans of Woods of Ypres, Abigail Williams, Agalloch & other epic blackened ambient doom metal acts of the sort.

Check out their Facebook, Bandcamp and Broken Limbs Recordings page.


I fucking love metal. Enjoy the footage from the Neurotic Deathfest!!!!!

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For All You Hungry European Grinders Over There: FUCK THE FACTS Will Be Touring There Real Soon Like. Also Nominated For Canadian Award!

So apparently the band that likes to shred your face off and feed it to the local folk are going to tour in Europe! A complete listing of dates is available below.  Guitarist Topon Dos commented on the upcoming run:

 “It’s been a couple of years since we’ve last been to Europe, so we’re excited not only to finally get back over there, but to also have the opportunity to play some countries like Finland and Hungary for the first time. We’ve been ripping through a bunch of songs from our new album “Die Miserable” recently, so you can expect to hear a lot of newer tunes. See you soon!”

Also, the band has been nominated for Canada’s prestigious 2012 Juno awards in the Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year category and Sirius XM’s Indies Metal Artist/Group of the Year category.  More info on the Juno awards is available here while voting for the Sirius XM awards can be accessed here. So be sure to go and vote for FUCK THE FACTS and help them win! Unless of course you like some other Canadian band more, then vote for them I guess. It’s your choice! In case you haven’t heard of the new album, be sure to check out their bandcamp page because the new album “Die Miserable” is streaming in full.

Oh yeah, here are the tour dates!

March 7- ITA Bologna at Atlantide
March 8 – ITA Milano at Lo-Fi
March 9 – SWI Zurich at Dynamo Werk 21
March 10 – GER Trier at Exhaus
March 11 – GER Karlsruhe at Halle 14
March 13 – BEL Liege at La Zone
March 14 – HOL Rotterdam at Worm
March 15 – HOL Nijmegen at De Onderbroek
March 16 – GER Mulheim at AZ
March 17 – GER Hamburg at Elbdeich
March 18 – DEN Aalborg at 1000 Fryd
March 20 – SWE Goteborg at Härden
March 21 – NOR Oslo at Internasjonale
March 23 – FIN Oulu at Ykan Pub
March 24 – FIN Jyvaskyla at Musta Kynnys
March 25 – FIN Tampere at Kahvila Hertta
March 27 – FIN Helsinky at Lepakkomies
March 28 – SWE Stockholm at Svarta Dörren
March 29 – DEN Copenhagen at Dödsmaskinen
March 30 – GER Leipzig at Zoro
April 1 – CZE Prague at Modra Vopice
April 2 – CZE Ostrava at Plan B
April 3 – CZE Brno at M13 Muzak Klub
April 4 – SLK Kosice at Collosseum Club
April 5 – HUN Budapest at Szabad Az A’
April 6 – AUS Wien at Escape Metalcorner
April 7 – SLO Ljubljana at Klub Gromka

ARCHITECTS Show Off Their New Album Art & Release Date: Kids Get Excited!

As you can see, the new Architects album will be called “Daybreaker” and it will be released on June 5th in the US and May 28th in Europe on Century Media . As soon as some new music becomes available I’ll be sure to post it up for all of you crazy Architects fans out there. Stay tuned for more!

Qreview! Inner Fear – First Born Fear

Inner Fear is a band consisting of artists from already existing different bands across Europe. Inner Fear have been around since 1997 but on the back burner so they can focus on their main bands. However, they have recently come back together to create and release their latest album, First Born Fear. The sound is similar to most other melodic/symphonic metal bands out there. There are two vocalists, Serg covers the lows and evil screams and Vic Anselmo covers the womanly elegant singing. It’s not your usual Evanescence shitty vocal structures and patterns, Serg is mainly on the mic. Khopec holds it on guitars fairly well. There are no mind blowing riffs or solo’s happening on the album and most of the riffs are palm muted power chords and some tremolo picked parts too. He keeps it heavy but it’s convoluted, uninspired and boring most of the time. Bass guitar is the same, nothing extravagant happening and it’s just following the guitars rhythm. Keys are reminiscent of 90’s Cradle of Filth/Dimmu Borgir. The keys are always going and is one of the main things you’ll notice throughout the entire album. The best part about the album is the drumming. Marthus has tons of fills, beats, rhythm patterns and tempos to keep those interested in the kit happy.

The album as a whole is average. Music isn’t particularly bad but it’s just shit I’ve heard before. Nothing stands out and catches my attention. It’s a fine album to listen to as background noise. I’d say it’s a damn good band to get those interested in symphonic metal. You could go from Inner Fear to Cradle of Filth to Vesania. It’s not an annoying album by any means, the music played is actually good…it is just one of these situations where I am in a “been there, heard that” mentality and I cannot shake it. Give it a listen and find out for yourself, it does deserve atleast one or two spins on the ol MP3 player. It’s a decent album, I just can’t get into it. I neither like it nor hate it.

Pros: Great intro band to better symphonic metal, drums and vocals are the best part

Cons: It’s a band you’d expect to hear opening for Dimmu Borgir, Guitars are just boring, keys can get annoying at times.

2.5 out of 5

It seems most of the good shows are out of the United States anymore…

Let’s be honest, the US of A still gets some good tours. I am not bitching about that. However, it seems Australia and especially Europe gets the solid tours. Europe takes the cake for festivals though…with Mayhem and Ozzfest being complete bullshit anymore…shows like Download and Wacken create a small temporary country of metalheads and moshpits. It’s an amazing site to be seen in photos, I cannot imagine being there in person. It must be the most powerful feeling for a band to perform in front of a sea of people. Banners and tits everywhere, it’s to die for.

I see flyers for tours in Europe and I get jealous. The entire line up, or atleast more than 75% of the bands, are solid. Each match up in terms of genre of music and how epic the bands are. Take this for example, I really want to see this show!

I know it says 40 more acts to be announced but…c’mon….CANNIBAL CORPSE AND BEHEMOTH HEADLINING?!?!?! That’s some of the heaviest music in the world…sharing the stage. I really hope those two…and Suffocation, Napalm Death and let me throw in a personal fav…NILE tour the US. That would make for a happy Mergel.