Top 5 Albums Of The Year So Far…

Just for fun, I want to share with you my top five albums of the year so far. These albums are great and I think they’ll be contenders for the end of the year list that is just SO much fun to put together. So far we have the following:

5: Exotic Animal Petting ZooTree of Tongues. This awesome gem was an unexpected gift sent to me for review. I’ve never heard of the band until earlier this year and the album just continues to get played to this day. I rocked this shit while in the garage yesterday! It’s really good.

4: Cannibal CorpseTorture. It just came out but this one is on a continuous loop , I listen to it twice a day at least. The songs on the album are just so fucking entertaining. It takes no time at all to fully enjoy this album for what it is.

3: Plague Widow2012 EP. A new band with a big sound. This is how you do death grind. Songs are short, to the point and incredibly heavy. If you haven’t checked out Plague Widow yet after all of these posts I’ve been making you are a fucking retard.

2: CrossesEP II. Not metal, actually far from it. Chino Moreno/Shaun Lopez/Chuck Doom come together to write some beautiful music. It’s slow & tragic yet romantic. Crosses is one of the best side projects to have come out in recent years.

1: Woods of YpresWoods V: Grey Skies & Electric Light. Words cannot describe my love for this album. The bands final album, Woods V, is a really tough album for me to listen to and sing along to all the way through and not get a tear built up. I miss David Gold and this is his amazing last work of art. This album inspires me, it motivates me, it calms me and it makes me think. Not to mention the tunes are fucking good, this is a different take on doom. It’s not just toned down guitars and growling, it’s singing….really good singing. David’s lowest vocal tone ever, and the fact there are so many instruments contributing to the sound on this album makes Woods V that much more unique. Also, even with all of the heavy death metal put out so far this year, nothing makes me headbang harder then the part on “Alternate Ending” on the 1:48 mark, the doom breakdown is so fucking good. I love this album. RIP David Gold, you’ve inspired more than any man ever has.

Exclusive Interview: Ben Harclerode from Whitechapel

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Ben Harclerode, Whitechapel’s drummer extraordinaire. Recently joining the band and running with them live and recording last year’s EP with them, he talks about just finishing up the new album and tour life. I’d like to thank Metal Blade and Daniel Robben for setting up this interview and giving me the opportunity. This is Headbang or GTFO’s first interview and it was a privilege and an honor to speak to Ben and step foot inside their tour bus. Bold words are my own, normal font is Ben Harclerode’s words. Enjoy.

Thank you for doing the interview with me.

Yeah of course man.

This is Ben with Whitechapel, the drummer.


How’s the tour so far? I know it just started n all.

It’s been great. It’s been off to a really great start, I guess. Memphis is kind of a weird place usually as far as heavier music goes but Knoxville and that whole show was awesome. It’s been really good man, the bands have been really cool.

Right on. What’s your favorite band to watch so far?

After the Burial, those guys fucking shred. Sorry, excuse me. Ahh, those guys are good.

You can say “fuck” as much as you want, I don’t care. Do whatever you want.

Ok, yeah those guys are awesome. They sound great every night, they’re all really tight players and I dunno it’s kinda tech-ier stuff and it’s up my alley.

Yeah, that’s good shit. Have you heard Spawn of Possession’s new album? Incurso? Just came out this week. (March 13th)

No I haven’t.

Oh, it’s fucking brilliant. You’d like it if you like technical death metal.

I like those guys, for sure.

What’s your setlist like on this tour? Is it mainly older shit? Or is it just newer songs? Are you playing anything brand new?

No, I mean the tour is called “The Recorruptour”, we released the Recorrupted EP in November. So we’re naturally playing “Section 8”, the new song off of the EP. Other than that nothing new, we just finished up recording literally the day before we went on tour.

Any details on the release of that album or at least when a single will be released?

Umm, yeah I’m not 100% as far as the single, I mean we’re shooting for a pre-Mayhem release because we’re doing the Mayhem Tour this summer. So I don’t know if I’m technically supposed to say any specific dates but I mean like I said we’re shooting for a pre-Mayhem release.

Will there be any special guests on this album? Guitarists? Vocalists? I know you had two guest vocalists on the last album.

No, as far as vocals go nothing really. As far as leads we have one guy from Knoxville that came in and dropped a couple nasty leads over a couple of the songs. Other than that it’s pretty straight forward.

What do you usually do during the day? What’s tour life like?

I practice a lot, play a lot of video games. I don’t know it’s nice having the bus be an option.

Yeah, it’s fucking nice. (I look around, admiring)

I definitely have done some shitty van tours and it’s nice to be able to hang out or have a place to go take a nap. I just do stupid shit over the course of the day to keep myself occupied. Play drums when I have to, warm up, some people would say I do that more than I need to.

What games do you guys usually play? I see Phil (Bozeman) on Twitter all the time talking about Modern Warfare 2 and 3, is that what you guys usually play?

Yeah, that’s kind of our jam. Play a lot of Modern Warfare 3.

Any good at it?

I’m not very good at it, Phil smokes everybody. He’s like 9th level prestige or something right now. He’s into it.

Well that’s all the questions I have. I just want to congratulate you guys on another headlining tour and finishing up on the album and getting on Mayhem Fest. I can’t wait to hear your new album! Thanks for talking with me. See you tonight and put on a great show!

Yup, thanks buddy.



Album Review! PLAGUE WIDOW – Plague Widow EP

Newcomers from Sacramento, CA known as Plague Widow came together and recorded this EP last winter and just released it through Buriedinhell Records. This 3 piece death/grind band produces a straight forward metal attack that is filled with lightening fast riffs, blistering drumming and deep monstrous vocals. Vocals usually tend to stay on the low end with a couple of high registered screams on the EP. Drumming is always going non-stop; Tons of blasts, fills and interesting patterns when the music isn’t out for blood. Guitar is tuned low but that adds to the brutality and it’s used for actual tremolo riffing and sinister chords. Not just open string palm mutes and breakdown shit, Hal Rotter’s guitar work is sheer madness and his technique and style is quite deranged; he is trying to kill you with his guitar. Throw all three of these together and you have one solid EP, just murderous death metal that is some of the finest I’ve heard so far this year.

My only complaint isn’t even about the music itself, I find the music ultra satisfying and headbang worthy. I’d blast this shit in my garage/office or car anytime. It’s the obnoxious interlude/intro/outro stuff that takes up 45% of the EP’s space. I don’t find it necessary nor interesting to listen to. I skip them every single time, unless I am just too busy to switch it out. Even then I’m thinking to myself “Come the fuck on, get to the music”. The songs are rather short too but they are so good you can listen to them over and over and they still held my interest even after 10 full listens back to back. The EP is solid and just incredibly heavy, so if you’re a fan of death/grind you’ll appreciate the self titled EP that Plague Widow has released.

Pros: The music is straight up death metal riffs, blast beats and growls. Great production. 8.5 minutes of some of the best death metal so far this year.

Cons: Songs are rather short, the non music crap should be cut from the next EP or full length.

4 out of 5

TesseracT – Perspective 2012 EP Teaser

Inspired by an acoustic session that took place during a 2011 tour of North America, TesseracT decided to expand upon the ideas that were spawned as a consequence of having to look at their songs in different ways in order to make them work in the acoustic setting. The result is the acoustic inspired EP, ‘Perspective‘. It is a re-imagining and development of some of the more melodic songs off TesseracT’s debut ‘One‘, and shows a completely new side to the band.

Exclusive Premiere! HUMAN TRANSMUTATION – “I’m Not Small, Motherfucker, I’m Fun-Sized”

Human Transmutation have just finished work on their new EP and have given me the opportunity to give you guys a new track bright and early this morning. Opening with a sample, into a hammer on and drum pattern that reminds me of System of a Down for some reason, then into pure chaos. “I’m Not Small, Motherfucker, I’m Fun-Sized” has intense guitar work, insane vocals and explosive drumming; it’s raunchy and barbaric. You’ll want to give it a listen a couple of times just to make sure you catch everything. Be on the look out for their new EP coming soon!!

Rise and grind, mother fuckers.

Human TransmutationI’m Not Small, Motherfucker, I’m Fun-Sized

Album Review! Obolus – Lament EP

From the black depths of America hails a mysterious band with little known information about them. Obolus has recently released another EP entitled “Lament“, a follow up to last years 2 song demo release. The depressive black metal pouring from my speakers fills my soul with dread, despair and total fuckin misanthropy. That’s how you should feel while listening to this music. Vocals are barely understood and are desolate, guitars are heavily distorted and fuzzy, drums are intense with blast beats from hell and overall song writing, while not entirely original, is executed very very well. “Five tracks of misanthropic ritualistic blackness mixed with melancholic guitars” is one good way to put it.

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Cleanse Your Soul By Watching A Live Performance By CROSSES

Watch a video or two of Crosses performing in California. If you like, head on over to my playlist on YouTube…I have their entire set on there. I did not record it however. Someone with the user name went to TWO shows this past week and recorded both sets. Be sure to subscribe!