NEW SONG! INVERLOCH – Shadows of the Flame

Inverloch, a new death/doom band that is releasing a 3 song EP on April 10th entitled “Dusk | Subside“, has recently put out one of their songs on Pitchfork for your listening pleasure. Shadows of the Flame is no joke, the song is heavy, catchy and has a cool ultra slow part with a blasting snare drum and some beast vocals.  I highly recommend giving this song and this band a try. Very good death/doom metal coming from these guys.


Wreckommendation!!! CHELSEA WOLFE

This week we tone down the guitars, slow down the percussion and tell the mad vocalist to take a hike and replace them with incredibly talented singer/guitarist/song writer Chelsea Wolfe. Her style may not be exactly “metal” but she has this goth/doom presence about her and the music she puts out is unlike anything else that I listen to. Her voice is simply, beautiful. It’s gives you goosebumps, it makes you feel the music and if you are like KeepItWolfSon, it makes you fall in love over and over.

Enjoy Chelsea Wolfe. Grab a cup of coffee, smoke a bowl and kick the fuck back. Grab a loved one and dance around. Feel the music…it’s very unique. Visit her Facebook and Twitter for updates, news and random shit. Also, visit her official site!

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Do you like your music to be a trippy experience that is similar to the pot smoke filled practice spaces of old school rock and roll n doom metal bands of yesteryear? Well if you do maybe you also like howling growling black metal-esque vocals laid over the stoned out riffs? If so well then holy fuck Horseback has exactly what you need. I feel high and I haven’t smoked in months…this song is quite moving. Simple yet very good.

Get high to some Horseback with their new song “Ahriman” from their new album “Half Blood” set for release on May 8th through Relapse Records.


Black metal usually is best when it comes from the northern European countries. Very rarely do you hear of an amazing black metal act from the United States. Well from the quiet state of New Hampshire comes a blackened force so loud and full of doom you will be flabbergasted at what you’ve heard. Vattnet Viskar provides us with some of the best black metal/doom so far this year and their label, Broken Limbs Recordings, just put out their latest journey through time and space; life and death. The 3 song EP will not disappoint and the talent from these gentlemen is unimaginable. They are within a genre that is currently flooded with bands trying to imitate and perfect a certain sound yet Vattnet Viskar stands above the rest with their frantic howls and seemingly daunting guitar work. It’s good shit and it’s this weeks Wreckommendation!

For fans of Woods of Ypres, Abigail Williams, Agalloch & other epic blackened ambient doom metal acts of the sort.

Check out their Facebook, Bandcamp and Broken Limbs Recordings page.

JOB FOR A COWBOY: Album Art, Tracklisting & Release Date Available

April 10th, Job For A Cowboy will be releasing their newest album entitled “Demonocracy” on Metal Blade Records and hopefully it will be sorta like how JFAC sounded on their last EP, “Gloom“. They have evolved from one of deathcore’s pioneers to now a pretty god damn good death metal band. They’ve ditched endless breakdowns and replaced them with more riffs and something meaningful and hopefully Demonocracy is a continuance of this evolution. I believe this album will blow us all away.Well, at least I hope it will.

As for the artwork, the colors are vivid yet eerie with what is going on. The imagery captures what JFAC has always talked about within their lyrics and statements and the statue is wearing the skull that is pretty much JFAC‘s mascot at this point. Let’s call him Skullyton. So with all of the lies, deceit, slander and obvious government disapproval on the album cover, it’s safe to say that the album will be a return to form for JFAC in terms of lyrical content. So put on YOUR Skullyton’s and light the American flag on fire! Job For A Cowboy is coming out with a new album!


01. Children Of Deceit
02. Nourishment Through Bloodshed
03. Imperium Wolves
04. Tongueless And Bound
05. Black Discharge
06. The Manipulation Stream
07. The Deity Misconception
08. Fearmonger
09. Tarnished Gluttony