This week my wreckommendation is for a band I’ve recently become a fan of. I saw Battlecross open up for Hate Eternal and Goatwhore and they won me over and they were just fun, entertaining and overall a good time. That didn’t stop there because I kept listening to them and their newest album called “Pursuit of Honor“. They are a melodic thrash metal band featuring a vocalist who has a good range and uses primarily harsh vocals. They are just a beer drinkin, mosh startin, headbangin good time. Check them out!

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NEW SONG! INVERLOCH – Shadows of the Flame

Inverloch, a new death/doom band that is releasing a 3 song EP on April 10th entitled “Dusk | Subside“, has recently put out one of their songs on Pitchfork for your listening pleasure. Shadows of the Flame is no joke, the song is heavy, catchy and has a cool ultra slow part with a blasting snare drum and some beast vocals.  I highly recommend giving this song and this band a try. Very good death/doom metal coming from these guys.


Wreckommendation!!! CHELSEA WOLFE

This week we tone down the guitars, slow down the percussion and tell the mad vocalist to take a hike and replace them with incredibly talented singer/guitarist/song writer Chelsea Wolfe. Her style may not be exactly “metal” but she has this goth/doom presence about her and the music she puts out is unlike anything else that I listen to. Her voice is simply, beautiful. It’s gives you goosebumps, it makes you feel the music and if you are like KeepItWolfSon, it makes you fall in love over and over.

Enjoy Chelsea Wolfe. Grab a cup of coffee, smoke a bowl and kick the fuck back. Grab a loved one and dance around. Feel the music…it’s very unique. Visit her Facebook and Twitter for updates, news and random shit. Also, visit her official site!

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NEW SONG: MARASMUS – Casket Made of Ivory

One last thing, Marasmus out of Kansas City, MO just released a new single from their new album, Mountains of Dead, coming out this Spring on Disgorge Media. The song is Casket Made of Ivory isn’t exactly new for the band but they’ve put a lot of work into this and reconstructed it and polished it up and put it out for us to consume. Enjoy some brutal death metal, enjoy MARASMUS.

NEW SONG: HOUR OF PENANCE – Decimate The Ancestry Of The Only God

Oh holy shit. Hour of Penance is so bad ass. This new shit from them is crazy. It’s like riding a tornado into a hurricane, these guys play some heavy death metal. Oh and their album is dropping soon. Sedition will be out March 27th through Prosthetic Records.

For now, get ready to get ear raped. Enjoy, Decimate The Ancestry Of The Only God!


From their Facebook:

SIX FEET UNDER to return to European stages in the summer of 2012! Festival dates and club shows confirmed! New album ‘Undead’ to be released in May!

Mighty SIX FEET UNDER return with a blast and their brand new studio longplayer Undead in May of 2012!

In conjunction with the album release SIX FEET UNDER will return to Europe in August to play some exclusive festival gigs as well as selected club shows.

Comments SIX FEET UNDER singer Chris Barnes: “SIX FEET UNDER IS NOT DEAD! WE ARE “UNDEAD”!!!!! With our return to the European festivals this Summer and the addition of new band members to the groups line up, SFU is poised to murder and KILL!! With the release of the new SFU album “UNDEAD” this spring we will prove that the UNDEAD shall rise from the crypts of GERMANY and EUROPE IN 2012!”

Support comes from SFU label mates DEW-SCENTED who will release their new, yet untitled album in the summer of 2012.

Undead Tour 2012


+ t.b.a.

11/08/12 – CZ – Jaromer – Brutal Assault Festival *

12/08/12 – DE – Berlin – Postbahnhof

13/08/12 – DE – München – Backstage

14/08/12 – CH – Pratteln – Galerie

15/08/12 – DE – Essen – Turock

16/08/12 – NL – Kerkrade – Rock Temple

17/08/12 – DE – Dinkelsbühl – Summer Breeze *

18/08/12 – DE – Hamburg – Grünspan

*without DEW-SCENTED


Chris Barnes – vocals

Steve Swanson – guitars

Rob Arnold – guitars

Jeff Hughell – bass

Kevin Talley – drums

More details on Undead will be revealed in the following weeks. Stay tuned!