PLAGUE WIDOW – “Assimilated Subconscious” – live at KDVS | Raise The Dead

Plague Widow bringing straight up death metal to some poor radio station and their listener base. I hope they were ready for them because Plague Widow punishes, in a good way. Like bear hugging a toddler. Anyways, here is the band performing their song Assimilated Subconscious for Raise The Dead -KDVS, DAVIS 90.3FM

Check out their new EP here on Bandcamp.

Album Review! PLAGUE WIDOW – Plague Widow EP

Newcomers from Sacramento, CA known as Plague Widow came together and recorded this EP last winter and just released it through Buriedinhell Records. This 3 piece death/grind band produces a straight forward metal attack that is filled with lightening fast riffs, blistering drumming and deep monstrous vocals. Vocals usually tend to stay on the low end with a couple of high registered screams on the EP. Drumming is always going non-stop; Tons of blasts, fills and interesting patterns when the music isn’t out for blood. Guitar is tuned low but that adds to the brutality and it’s used for actual tremolo riffing and sinister chords. Not just open string palm mutes and breakdown shit, Hal Rotter’s guitar work is sheer madness and his technique and style is quite deranged; he is trying to kill you with his guitar. Throw all three of these together and you have one solid EP, just murderous death metal that is some of the finest I’ve heard so far this year.

My only complaint isn’t even about the music itself, I find the music ultra satisfying and headbang worthy. I’d blast this shit in my garage/office or car anytime. It’s the obnoxious interlude/intro/outro stuff that takes up 45% of the EP’s space. I don’t find it necessary nor interesting to listen to. I skip them every single time, unless I am just too busy to switch it out. Even then I’m thinking to myself “Come the fuck on, get to the music”. The songs are rather short too but they are so good you can listen to them over and over and they still held my interest even after 10 full listens back to back. The EP is solid and just incredibly heavy, so if you’re a fan of death/grind you’ll appreciate the self titled EP that Plague Widow has released.

Pros: The music is straight up death metal riffs, blast beats and growls. Great production. 8.5 minutes of some of the best death metal so far this year.

Cons: Songs are rather short, the non music crap should be cut from the next EP or full length.

4 out of 5


This is all I know….but it sure is post worthy.

Also, Metal Blade will be releasing a new track from the band this Monday. SO STAY TUNED!!!!

*Edit – More info will be released about the album this coming Monday!!!! Also, this is bigger =


I usually only choose one band for this weekly segment but since I missed out on last weeks post I figured, fuck it! This week we have some new bands making some fucking heavy music: Plague Widow and Painful Quandary.

Plague Widow is from Sacramento, CA and their approach to heavy music is just a constant barrage of in your face death metal. “Their EP they just released is fucking awesome. Plague Widow have merged rapid fire, no-bullshit grinding death metal with sinister, blackened passages. A furious & uncompromising display of refined discordant-Death & Grind.” Well said.

The next band is from the opposite side of the country in Callaway, FL. Florida, the home of good American death metal….and Painful Quandary continue on this tradition. Their attack to your ears is appalling, foul, evil and horrendous….and I FUCKING LOVE IT. These guys fucking get it. They make great death metal.

Both of these bands are quickly becoming my new favorites and I hope they do the same to you.

Be sure to “like” their Facebook pages!!!! Click here for Plague Widow & click here for Painful Quandary! Enjoy!

NEW SONG: OBLIVIONIZED – Cycle Of Deprivation

Oblivionized just surprisingly released a new track and it’s mad as hell. I enjoy the harsh vocals more so than the punky yelling vocals. Riffs are intense, blasts are incredibly fast and overall the song is like driving fast in the opposite lane. Check it out below, you won’t be disappointed. It’s death grind as FUCK.

Concert Review – GORNOGRAPHY

Feb 29th, 2012 at The Beaumont Club here in Kansas City, MO. Gornography technically wasn’t the first band to take the stage but they damn sure were the first band to get shit going. Gornography is a technical death metal band who are actually local and personally to me they are easily the top 3 metal acts in the Kansas City, MO area. This was my first time ever seeing the band perform live however, all previous enjoyment of the band has been through audio only.

Gornography kicked off their set with the song “Visions of Gore“, which is one of the first songs I heard from the band. The sound was loud, thick and heavy. From where I was standing, dead center and up front, I could hear the vocals pretty clearly, bass guitar was barely audible and guitars were a little faint. Drums were as clear as day though as Chris Wilson pounded on the kit faster than anyone in the entire Midwest. The lighting wasn’t anything particularly special because it’s an opening technical death grind band, they do not need gimmicks, weird lighting and bullshit like that. Gornography just comes out, fucks your face and leaves. The way I like it.

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