ASIAN INVASION: Not Porn, New NILE Tour Dates & Album Title Revealed!!!!

Not only are we getting a new album this year, Nile is also hitting US soil as well!!!! NOW WE CAN GET MORE OF THIS!!!!

Nile’s new album “At The Gate of Sethu” is slated for a “second quarter 2012” release, so hopefully May/June. \w/ Tour dates after the jump.

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Nile is one of those few bands that really truly fucking bring it release after release, show after show, night after night, year after year. Since the 90’s, Nile has been telling stories of gods, slaves, torture and giant fucking gators. Mixing ancient Egyptian mythology with the intensity of death metal and implementing middle eastern influences into the music, Nile has created something unique in a genre where everything is about murder and Satan, well usually. Anyways, I’m seeing Nile next month and I’ve been getting fucking pumped up to see them ABSOLUTELY DESTROY Lawrence, KS. I’ve had this playlist I found of them playing live last year on constant loop for about a week now. So I thought I’d share it with you. The sound and picture quality is one of the best I’ve found of the band performing live so enjoy your Ash Wednesday (and my birthday) with some fucking NILE!!!!

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Vocalist FAIL: You have one job. Do it right.

Example one: Let’s listen to Mitch from Suicide Silence butcher their song “OCD“, a song that is rather simple to remember.

I know accidents happen and being in the moment and getting ahead of yourself happens from time to time. Whether it’s a PA problem and you lose track of where you are in the song or you’ve had one too many beers before you hit the stage, these things happen. However, completely fucking up and ruining the song is unacceptable. Especially when it’s your only fucking job. You’re not playing a bass guitar, you’re not playing technical death metal riffs while belting out a verse…you’re just screaming/singing into a mic and headbanging. It’s not hard.

Also, you may want to watch the stage. Derp.

Who is to blame? What is to blame? Adrenaline? Nerves? Drugs? Poor sound/lighting? Who knows….it just seems to happen to the vocalists who have no other job to do than just belt out lyrics into a mic. I’ve seen front men like Nergal from Behemoth and Dallas Toler-Wade from Nile not miss one fucking note while playing guitar and not miss one word from a song. How come it’s easier for these men to do two duties and do them flawlessly and other people cannot handle one job?

Here is a moment where the vocalist is just drunk and ruining it for everybody.

The cool thing is…well after this train wreck moment…..Danny Warsnop cleaned up his act and is sober. Hopefully doing better now than he was just then.

All n all, vocalists who have no other job other to headbang and scream, fucking do it right. Get your fucking life together and get your shit done. Perform, execute, kick ass and give the audience the show they deserve and the show they paid for. You fucks.



Good luck!

Sacrifice Unto SebekClick here for guitar tabs. (Need to go to tabs, scroll down to NILE, click NILE, scroll down to Sacrifice Unto Sebek, click that….enjoy.)

Here are two videos of Karl and Dallas talking about stuff and playing “Black Seeds of Vengeance”. (Tabs, Nile, Black Seeds of Vengeance)

Here is a video for “Kafir!”