The Absolutely Most Ridiculous and Hilarious Band Ever: Rat AIDS (Free Downloads)


This music is like listening to every recorded second of anything Adam Sandler has ever done while on acid and Downs Syndrome.

Click here to listen to this amazing shit. Rat AIDS! Be sure to listen to the other albums that they have up. ENJOY!

Gore: The most disturbing songs. Part IV

Cannibal Corpse – Shredded Humans

“The father of three was impaled on the wheel,
as his skull became a part of the dash
His eyeballs ejected his sight uneffected, he saw his own organs collapse
His seatbelt was useless for holding him back, it simply cut him in two
Legs were crushed, out leaked pus as his spinal cord took off and flew
The mother took flight through the glass, and ended up impaled on a sign
Her intestines stretched from the car down the road for a quarter of a mile

Fourth child on the way, won’t live another day
Fetus on the road, with mangled little bones
Little children fly, not a chance to wonder why
Smashed against the ceiling, all their skin burning and peeling
Shards of glass explode, chest and skull now implode
Corpses they’ve become, and graves will have to be dug”

Nile – Cast Down The Heretic

Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones.
Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs.”

Nephthys Hacketh Thee in Pieces.
The Sons of Horus Speareth Thee.
The Gods Repulse Thee.
The Flame of Their Fire is Against Thee.
Cursed Art Thou, Impaled Thou Art, Flayed Art Thou.”

Blows are Rained upon Thee.
Dismemberment and Slaughter are on Thee.”

Khnemu Draggeth Thy Spawn to the Block of Slaughter.
Sick Shalt Thou be at the Mention of Thine Own Name.
Sekhmet Teareth Out Thy Bowels and Casteth Them into Flames.
She Filleth Thine Orifices with Fire.
Uadjit Shutteth Thee in the Pits of Burning.
Nevermore Shall You Breathe or Procreate.
Neither Thy House or Tomb Exist.
Thou Shalt Drive Thy Teeth into Thine Own Body.
Heretic, Thou Art Cast Down.
Overthrown, Ended, Hacked in Pieces, Slaughtered, Butchered.
Ra Hath Made Thoth to Slay Thee Utterly.”

Putrid Pile – Gorging on Labia

“Dead and rotting women’s bodies read for consumption
Admiring what’s soon to fill my belly
Ripe vaginas glistening in the light
Glistening ’cause they’re covered with my semen
Feed the hunger – Gorging on labia
Rip the cunt lips right off of their bodies
Feed the hunger gorging on labia
Now you all are a part of me
Pile of rotting cunt lips collected on the floor”

Mortician – Skinned

“Razor cutting
Slicing the skin
Blood is spraying
Muscles ripping

Cut the tendons
Veins are gushing
Sawing deeper
Skin is peeling

Shredding the flesh
Bloody red mess

Carve to the bone
Slicing organs

Body is stripped
Gutted and skinned
Strips of dead flesh
Hanging in death”

Gore: The most disturbing songs. Part III

Amputated – Raped with a Jackhammer

“Churning your cunt lips into a paste
Chunks of your pussy splatter my face
Savouring the drops of gore
With every lick i want you more

Jackhammer cracks her pelvis
What a site, a scene from hell
This horrid work of corpse defilement
As i rape her perfect dead cunt”

Exhumed – Dinnertime in the Morgue

“Sludge and grume – Viscous gore
Pyomorphism rots – To the core
Spawning ground – For grubs and worms
Infested gut – In your grave you turn…

Bowels bleeding black – As they are consumed
Intestinal tract – splatters all over your tomb
Consuming impulse – The larvae are gorged
The corpse starts to convulse – Dinnertime in the morgue”

Six Feet Under – Impulse to Disembowel

“Back again to kill and gut
I crave intestine
Fist-fucked reduced to a stump
Kill – all

Skinless body
Naked hanging
Blood as draining
Carving, killing
Swollen beauty
Holes appearing
Brutalizing, convulsing
Skinned and greasy
Still breathing
Anal carving
Holes are oozing
Slit your throat – deep
Off cane your head
Pulled out the guts
Right through your fucking neck!”