You Know The New 3 INCHES OF BLOOD Album Is Killer When It Gets Stuck In Your Head After One Play Through

So I checked out the new 3 Inches of Blood album yesterday appropriately titled “Long Live Heavy Metal” and it’s just that, heavy fucking metal. With songs like Metal Woman, Leather Lord, Look Out & Die For Gold, you can rest assure that this album is just a pure headbangin’, beer drinkin, axe grinding good time. It’s been too long since I’ve jammed out on some 3IoB, I mean I completely missed out on 2009’s release of “Here Awaits Thy Doom“, my last sampling of 3IoB is Fire Up The Blades! Cam Pipes still has it man, his voice may be Judas Priest-ish but I think he rocks it perfectly without sounding like a cheap ripoff. The band rights solid metal music and I’m quite impressed so far as to what I am hearing. So grab your swords and shields! Long Live Heavy Metal is one epic quest and will be available March 26th through Century Media.

Look for the actual review next week. Until then, turn up the volume and headbang to this track.

SPINESHANK Signs Deal With CENTURY MEDIA; New Album Out In June

Grammy-nominated alternative-metal act SPINESHANK have reunited after a six year hiatus and are back full force and completely rejuvenated.  The band have inked a worldwide deal with Century Media Records for the release of their new album, Anger Denial Acceptance, that will be released in North America on June 19 and in Europe on June 18.

“We’re very excited to be on a great label like Century Media,” comments guitarist Mike Sarkysian.  “Aside from being the premier label for rock and metal, the seem to really understand our vision and are as excited as we are about taking Spineshank to a whole new level!”

Anger Denial Acceptance will be the band’s fourth album and follow up to their 2003 release, Self-Destructive Pattern.  “This is by far the proudest I have ever been of any Spineshank record,” says Sarkysian.  “Anger Denial Acceptance is the darkest and the most honest this band has ever been.”

NEW SONG: ODDLAND – “Above and Beyond”

A band I’ve never heard before has released a new song that is pretty easy on the ears. Oddland’sAbove and Beyond” is sorta like a melodic math metal. The riffs definitely have that time signature change about them and while it’s not overly heavy or brutal, it’s still pretty rockin. Oddland’s new album, “The Treachery of Senses“, comes out on April 8th here in NA.


Oh man! Long Live Heavy Metal INDEED!!! It’s been nearly 4 years since I’ve listened to some 3 Inches Of Blood and I can say, WOW, what was I thinking?! I forgot how much I love this bands music. I’ve seen 3 Inches Of Blood live a few times, even once during a nasty storm when it was raining sideways. THAT WAS SOOOO FUCKING EPIC!!! They had to cut their set short because the rain wasn’t letting up but it was one of the best sets I’ve witnessed.

This new song “Leather Lord” has me all pumped up! I cannot wait to see them in April! Long Live Heavy Metal will be released on March 27th via Century Media Records.

Track listing after the jump!

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Now that Metal Blade has pulled out of Spotify…

So Metal Blade has taken their itinerary off of Spotify…..doing the same thing Century Media has done. That’s fine, it’s their business and honestly I haven’t used one second of Spotify. I do know it’s a paid service though and after someone pays for a subscription to listen to music that they enjoy, it seems to me that pulling bands like Cannibal Corpse and Amon Amarth away from fans and metalheads is a dick move. I mean maybe someone ordered that service because of bands that are on Metal Blade…now they cannot enjoy them through Spotify.

With that said, do any of you use Spotify? Have you felt ripped off since Century and Metal Blade have been takin off the list? Do you even care? I’ll be sticking to my cd’s and mp3’s that I own. Screw paid services to listen to music. I’d rather pay once and own the media in one way or another.