I usually only choose one band for this weekly segment but since I missed out on last weeks post I figured, fuck it! This week we have some new bands making some fucking heavy music: Plague Widow and Painful Quandary.

Plague Widow is from Sacramento, CA and their approach to heavy music is just a constant barrage of in your face death metal. “Their EP they just released is fucking awesome. Plague Widow have merged rapid fire, no-bullshit grinding death metal with sinister, blackened passages. A furious & uncompromising display of refined discordant-Death & Grind.” Well said.

The next band is from the opposite side of the country in Callaway, FL. Florida, the home of good American death metal….and Painful Quandary continue on this tradition. Their attack to your ears is appalling, foul, evil and horrendous….and I FUCKING LOVE IT. These guys fucking get it. They make great death metal.

Both of these bands are quickly becoming my new favorites and I hope they do the same to you.

Be sure to “like” their Facebook pages!!!! Click here for Plague Widow & click here for Painful Quandary! Enjoy!

FALLUJAH Wrecks Their Van/Trailer, Equipment Is Fucked But Everyone Is OK. Donate And Help Them Out!!!

Ultra talented technical death metal musicians that make up Fallujah were involved in a wreck last night in Wyoming while driving on Highway 80. The guys hit a patch of black ice and lost control, flipping their vehicle. No word on their equipment or their ability to continue on the tour yet (God dammit I was going to see them tomorrow!!!!!) but my guess is that their gear is fucked. Please visit their Facebook page and show some support and if you want to show even more support, donate to their Paypal!

Cleanse Your Soul By Watching A Live Performance By CROSSES

Watch a video or two of Crosses performing in California. If you like, head on over to my playlist on YouTube…I have their entire set on there. I did not record it however. Someone with the user name went to TWO shows this past week and recorded both sets. Be sure to subscribe!


Wednesday Wreck-ommendation (On Thursday): GoreSkinCoffin – Corpse Filled Caskets

Rotting death metal, furious grind, blasphemous black and murderous doom: GoreSkinCoffin (cool name too) fucking comes out of nowhere and kills your ears. The fury of this album and the intense music are pure metal gold. I’ve never really heard of a band pulling of such amazing death metal riffs, then go into black metal chords and finish off a track faster and harder like a grind king. The rhythm guitars and drums create songs that are catastrophic but controlled. It’s like detonating a nuke in your own backyard. The leads are brilliant, lately I’ve been growing bored with shitty attempts at solo’s but these guys pull it off. Corpse Filled Caskets combines the best of all relevant genres and shoves it into your soul. The album is short yet satisfying. GET IT NOW!!! They are offering it for free! No seriously! Click on the links to get a copy of GoreSkinCoffin’s album, Corpse Filled Caskets.

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Official review will be up soon.



Winds of Plague REPRESENT their lovely state of California with a hit song AND video, “California“. Check it out!

Very well said and poetic. Definitely captures the true meaning of life on the west coast, the mutha fuckin best coast. I’m glad that metal heads and other white people can now feel safe and listen to a song that boasts about the true meaning of life while living in California. Now we can compete with this:

No wait, this song is still better.