Headbang or GTFO Premiere: Rat AIDS – Buttsex Baby Mutant Horror Shit Raisin Balls Aids Doll (Let Me Hold You Sweetie)

Rat AIDS brings you their newest love song appropriately called, “Buttsex Baby Mutant Horror Shit Raisin Balls Aids Doll (Let Me Hold You Sweetie)“. The track will be on their new album, The Honey Store, which will be out soon. The song features a sample of Mr/Mrs. Garrison from South Park talking about evolution and Rat AIDS just comes in and makes it a pure love ballad. Check it out.

Wreckommendation!!! CHELSEA WOLFE

This week we tone down the guitars, slow down the percussion and tell the mad vocalist to take a hike and replace them with incredibly talented singer/guitarist/song writer Chelsea Wolfe. Her style may not be exactly “metal” but she has this goth/doom presence about her and the music she puts out is unlike anything else that I listen to. Her voice is simply, beautiful. It’s gives you goosebumps, it makes you feel the music and if you are like KeepItWolfSon, it makes you fall in love over and over.

Enjoy Chelsea Wolfe. Grab a cup of coffee, smoke a bowl and kick the fuck back. Grab a loved one and dance around. Feel the music…it’s very unique. Visit her Facebook and Twitter for updates, news and random shit. Also, visit her official site!

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TesseracT – Perspective 2012 EP Teaser

Inspired by an acoustic session that took place during a 2011 tour of North America, TesseracT decided to expand upon the ideas that were spawned as a consequence of having to look at their songs in different ways in order to make them work in the acoustic setting. The result is the acoustic inspired EP, ‘Perspective‘. It is a re-imagining and development of some of the more melodic songs off TesseracT’s debut ‘One‘, and shows a completely new side to the band.

SKYRIM: Age of Aggresion cover song

I actually heard this song last night while setting off for a quest. I ran out of the inn as soon as I could because the character in the game was annoying the piss out of me. However, this was shared on Twitter and I just had to watch. Great cover of a rather annoying song, Malukah makes it listenable.

Sorry if you were expecting an arrow to the knee joke. There are none here.

Falloch – Where We Believe (Acoustic Session @ Loch Lomond, Scotland)

Good morning! I’ve been up for 5 hours already but I’m sure some of you are either just waking up or are just getting to work. Well here is something easy for you to listen to while you get started on your day. Falloch just posted up this beautiful song played acoustically outside by a lake in Scotland. The scenery adds to the effect of the song. What a great video/song!

The music of Chelsea Wolfe is something else…way better than Chelsea Grin.

Chelsea Wolfe’s “Mer” is great. The song and the video. I’ve never heard of this band before until recently when two buddies of mine were talking about it. The song is off of the latest album “Apokalypsis”, The music is haunting and the vocals are cold. Mer is very ambient and I love how subtle and quiet the music is. How can something so calm be so powerful? I don’t know but I really want to get my hands on this album. Why is that guitar string bend so GOOD?