Behind The Kit – The New Drum Focused Weekly Post!

If you enjoy the Fretboard Friday thing I do each week, I hope you’ll enjoy Tuesday’s new dedicated post: Behind the Kit. We focus on drummers doing what they do best and hopefully you’ll get a feel and appreciation for the artist, the band and in the instrument in general. All hail the drum kit!!!

The first band we’re going to feature is a rather new video of Marshall Wieczorek from the band known as Wretched, who have a new album out right now! Here is the drum play through of their new song off of that album, “Repeat… The End Is Near“.

(I realize that it is Wednesday and this says that it’s a Tuesday post, the scheduled post never went live so I’m doing it this morning.)

Headbang or GTFO Premiere: Rat AIDS – Buttsex Baby Mutant Horror Shit Raisin Balls Aids Doll (Let Me Hold You Sweetie)

Rat AIDS brings you their newest love song appropriately called, “Buttsex Baby Mutant Horror Shit Raisin Balls Aids Doll (Let Me Hold You Sweetie)“. The track will be on their new album, The Honey Store, which will be out soon. The song features a sample of Mr/Mrs. Garrison from South Park talking about evolution and Rat AIDS just comes in and makes it a pure love ballad. Check it out.

Jeff Kendrick (Devildriver) Recently Had His Guitar Stolen

Guitar is similar to this one, not exact though

Well damn. Someone just straight up left the venue with Kendrick’s red ESP Horizon that apparently he especially uses for a certain song while playing live. The theft happened in Joliet, IL after the band performed. If you happen to see this man (pictured below, click to enlarge) then get a hold of authority and report the suspect. Get Jeff his guitar back!

CRATOR: A Brand New Death Metal Band featuring members of ORIGIN, KRALLICE, MUCOPUS, and TENTACLES

Crator come out of nowhere and put this work out. Head on over to their Facebook page, give them a “like” then listen in on the 3 song demo they have on their music tab. The tunes are pretty rad. This is a random special treat, you usually don’t get some good new music that is this good early in the morning like this. Not much info has been released. I don’t see anything specific about band members, when an official release will be put out or if they are even a touring act. I just know that this death metal is gooooood.

Check em out, go forth and headbang.

MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE Has Their Own Version Of Hunger Games; Hits You Like A Fuckin’ Tornado

Jimmy Urine filmed while performing their hit track “Tornado” on stage in Dallas, TX. Mindless Self Indulgence is a special kind of music that you have to just let everything go and just enjoy yourself, that or be fucked up on all kinds of weird drugs. Either way, their fun to listen to and pretty darn good live. It’s white boy hip hop with a weird punk twist to it that also has unique singing involved. Check it out.