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Weekly Wrap-up: New music and music videos galore!

Well, it’s officially autumn. Time to drink more coffee and watch the trees die. While you struggle to save money for your kids toys for Christmas this fall, why don’t you listen to some good music? It should always cheer you up!

This week has been slow on any good news but rather great on some new tracks and new music videos.

We got new songs from Krisiun, Animals As Leaders, A hidden B-sides track from Whitechapel, and the Charred Walls of the Damned

Some bands decided to stream their full albums before release as well like the all mighty Mastodon with their new album The Hunter and Wayne Static pushed his solo project out as well known as Pighammer

New music videos from Mastodon (Curl of the Burl), Opeth (The Devil Orchard), The Devin Townsend Project (Juular), Evile (Cult) and Dark Tranquillity (Zero distance)

This week’s Wreck-ommendation came from Ross Gnarly of American Aftermath fame.

Came across a band who I thought was very interesting to listen to.

Two reviews for you guys this week: Origin and Vader.

I would also like to point out that Rob Arnold (Chimaira, Six Feet Under) entered into the EMG Metallica contest. The following is a result and I think it’s done beautifully.

Also, I’m glad this video exists.

Have a good weekend! Enjoy the cool air. BBQ while you can!

Wrapping up this week: Some of the kick ass stuff you may have missed!

This week was a good week to headbang to some new jams: I Declare War, As I Lay Dying, As You Drown, Wayne Static, Rose Funeral, Wormrot and Animals As Leaders.

We started a new weekly feature called Wednesday Wreck-ommendations where I and two or more friends recommend some great music to you.

Also we hit our 420th blog post and this came of that achievement. Scroll down or click here to see what came of it.

Some music videos were released this week. A fucking amazing one from Evile and a cheesy one from Pathology.

Speaking of Pathology, they released an album that wasn’t too bad!

That’s it. Have a great weekend! Listen to some good tunes and see a live show if one is in your town. It’s fucking hoodie weather bitches! I love the cold.

Weekly Wrap-up: The highlights of the week.

Tons of new music this week. Tunes from RwakeMastodonFuck The FactsSkeletonwitchBlotted ScienceBrutal TruthBereft, and Necroblaspheme

An awesome video from The Greenery

I highly recommend you listen to Nadja and Beyond Creation

We found out a bass player left a great band for a shitty one.

Poland won’t leave Nergal alone.

I’m happy that these videos exist

Wrap It Up – Cool Shit From This Week

We found out the new album title for the new Woods of Ypres album and started a contest.

Listened to some cool tunes from Whitechapel’s Zach HouseholderFalloch, As You Drown, and a nice little preview of Vadar’s new album.

Some interesting videos from Marilyn Manson and Kittie

Had some decent reviews this week with Kittie, Tesseract and Benighted.

Fell in love with the new Last Chance To Reason album.

Also, found out that this video exists:

Thanks and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!!!! EAT BBQ AND DRINK BEER!!! Don’t fucking drink and drive people, use your head.