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This Week of Meh-tal (Sept 5th) – The Bullshit I Heard This Week.

Albums –

Asking AlexandriaReckless and Relentless2.5 out of 5: This album needs to pick one or the other genre. It’s metalcore with deathcore breakdowns and weird electronic fuzz happening. The melody of the metalcore is good at times but mostly just garbage. In terms of deathcore they really just use breakdowns, and lots of them…and honestly that was the only thing that held my interest on the entire album. Vocals are good at times, however I got a Atreyu vibe from them most of the time when clean vocals were present. Screaming is good and growling is done very well. I thought the electronic elements added some positive vibe in some areas but it was mostly bullshit. The only song I liked was Morte Et Dabo. There is some talent here, they just need to focus and work on a few things.

ArkonaSlovo3 out of 5: Russian folk metal sang with tons of instruments to keep it true to what they are trying to do. The music is good and the vocals aren’t too bad. Drumming and guitars at times are really good, it got me to headbang. While this album is good, it’s just…folk. Folk music, to me, is fun for a listen through and that’s it. Unless it’s done incredibly well…I don’t need to hear it more than once or twice. Hope you like flutes, bagpipes and accordions.

EmmureSpeaker of the Dead2 out of 3: Ultra tough guy deathcore styled tunes that bring forth breakdown after shitty breakdown. Nothing on this album has any redeeming qualities. Very few riffs on this album and they are boring as all hell. The tuned too low to sound brutal guitars just do chug verse after chug verse into a chug chorus into a breakdown….rinse and repeat. There are some effects on the album that were more annoying that helpful. Vocals are good except for the rap/talking parts.