Nickelback ain’t gonna stop until the clock runs out. So either break your clock or blow up the Earth already.

In an effort to keep up with all of their cool fans, Nickelback has released a lyric video for “Bottoms Up“. No seriously. Not only is the trend of lyric videos just fucking lame, this is by far the worst adaptation I’ve seen yet. Yes, the music is generic and bland (Nickelback’s best work) but this video is just fucking dumb. I’ll be looking forward to this shit song being played on the radio, at the bar, at the stadiums and at the venues for the next 3 years. Just when I thought Hell Yeah’sAlcoholin’ Ass” was bad…yeesh.

Wanna see Lou Reed and Metallica perform “Iced Honey” live? Didn’t think so. In case you are interested though…

I feel sorry for Metallica. They set themselves up for it though. Kirk looks bored as hell. James is really into it. This all seems fake. We’re all being trolled. Congrats on their record sales though. I’m sure it’s the worst thing with Metallica‘s name on it since St. Anger.

KILLING IT sounds some shitty local band.

Cleveland, Ohio’s hardcore/thrash band KILLING IT are doing everything but that. Tell me you’ve never been to a show and heard this same song from a local band before. I’m saddened at the fact that Jim LaMarca use to be in Chimaira and now he is in this band. I usually only post things I enjoy, I try not to trash on bands and give horrible negative opinionated posts….but this….is just awful.

Hope he is having fun though. Best of luck to this band, this will be the last time I post about them.


While Davis‘ voice is still good enough to make the girls panties soak and wet, he cannot save what is going on around him. Korn has always been dark and fucking heavy. Those guitars tuned to A standard made Korn so powerful and helped brought out the emotion Davis put out. That shit was fucking deep. Everything before “Untouchables” was gold…now turn to 2011 and we have this electronic poppy bullshit. It sucks the seriousness out of Korn and makes it trendy/mainstream. As if they weren’t fucking mainstream enough.

Ah, I’m fucking sick of all of this electronic metal mash up bullshit. This album art fucking sucks too.

Korn is releasing a dubstep album this December.

KORN To Release ‘The Path Of Totality’ In December.

“But this one is unlike any KORN record. It’s even unlike any record released before.

“The Path Of Totality” is an experimental album which finds KORN shifting gears and exploring new territory. That should hardly come as a shock to the band’s diehard fans, as KORN exploded onto the scene in the’90s and established themselves as hard rock game-changers from that point on.

For “The Path Of Totality”, the band collaborated with some of the leading dubstep and electronic producers in the world, including Skrillex,ExcisionDatsikNoisiaKill the Noise, and 12th Planet. The result is something completely new, yet utterly and definitively KORN. Leave it to a band like KORN to continue to reinvent itself two decades deep into its career.

“The title ‘The Path Of Totality’ refers to the fact that in order to see the sun in a full solar eclipse, you must be in the exact right place in the exact right time,” KORN frontman Jonathan Davis explained. “That’s how this album came together. I think all the producers feel the same way. I’m not sure it could ever happen again”

Listen to a Lou Reed/Metallica track. I am the table!!!

The View:

Reed’s banter is annoying and the riff underneath it is boring and incredibly repetitive. The James Hetfield chorus is bad at best….and I wonder if he realizes he has become a parody of himself. I am not amused.

I had anticipation for this album until I heard this track. Bah!