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ASIAN INVASION: Still Not Porn But BABYMETAL Still Exists & Highly Obnoxious

WTF IS THIS ABOUT?!?! I WISH I could understand what is going on, I just can’t. It’s J-Pop, it’s metal, it’s rap, it’s deathcore then it’s techno.

Is this a campaign of some sort? I bet this is some Japanese thing poking fun at all of our dumb attempts at music in recent years, cuz that’s the vibe I get from it. Be warned, this video is retarded.

The Absolutely Most Ridiculous and Hilarious Band Ever: Rat AIDS (Free Downloads)


This music is like listening to every recorded second of anything Adam Sandler has ever done while on acid and Downs Syndrome.

Click here to listen to this amazing shit. Rat AIDS! Be sure to listen to the other albums that they have up. ENJOY!

Artist to Watch In 2012!? No Fucking Way: IT BOYS! – “Guys Don’t Like Me”

Sadly I just watched this abortion of a music video and it’s a fucking boy band with instruments, A modern day Motley Crue plus tons of LAME! God dammit, if this is a band to watch then I hope the end of the world is happening this year. This is nothing more than a band that exists only to sell their records and shirts at Hot Topic and keep their sales going, and to get teenage girls to have dirty thoughts while on the bus ride to middle school. Disgusting. I feel dirty having watched this.

NOW SIT BACK AND ENJOY IT BOYS! I’m going to go destroy my face with a cheese grater instead.