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Saturday Soundtrack – SUPER MEAT BOY! OST

Super Meat Boy! One intense fast paced fun game with an intense fast paced soundtrack to go with it! Tons of electronic drum and bass beat type of music with some guitar riffs in there as well. Here is the playlist, check out the tracks then check out the game!

Saturday Morning Soundtrack – Final Fantasy VII

An amazing game with an amazing soundtrack. Final Fantasy VII was my gateway drug into the new age of RPG’s. Compelling story, characters, visuals and soundtrack really pulled the player into the game. I’ve made up a playlist to share with you all instead of spamming my blog with 7+ videos. Enjoy.

Click here for the Final Fantasy 7 playlist.


Saturday Morning Soundtrack – World of Warcraft OST

Epic, Legendary, Amazing. The score for the PC game World of Warcraft is truly one of the most nostalgic and memory enducing scores I’ve ever heard. These songs remind me of the first time I stepped into Stormwind, the quests in Azeroth (Which is the world you play in) and the epic battles fought within the game.

I spent many many many days logged onto this game. By days I mean hours put into it, I played WoW from release and continued on with two more expansions. WoW was my first MMORPG and honestly when I started playing it, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It sucked me in and stole my life for a couple of years. Still one of the best games I’ve ever played and one of the most fulfilling and satisfying games ever. If you’ve ever taken down a big boss with 39 other people you know what I mean.

I honestly miss this game. Everything about it was great. The music just makes the game that much better. HORDE FTW! Orc Warrior and Undead Warlock!


Saturday Morning Soundtrack – Super Metroid OST

Being released on the SNES back in 1993, Super Metroid pushed the limits of the system and exceeded our expectations visually and musically. The music is brilliant and really sets the tone for what is going on and where you are within the planets deep and dark tunnels. Super Metroid’s OST still to this day is relevant, beautiful and still possesses that epic feel it did nearly 20 years ago. If you’ve played this game, you will know what I’m talking about. The music will make you feel very nostalgic. If you haven’t played this game, go fucking do it. It’s one of the best games in the world.

Sunday Morning Soundtrack – DEXTER (TV)

Here is some music from the amazing television show on ShoTime, Dexter. The music in Dexter is perfect and really adds to each and every scene it is in. Whether it is the goofy intro, the serious stalking moments or a twist in the story; the music always makes the scene that much better. Also, some of it is just catchy as hell. Especially the intro song: so sit back, relax and listen to the music from the TV hit series, Dexter. Oh, and Happy Halloween!

Composed by Daniel Licht