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NEW SONG! INVERLOCH – Shadows of the Flame

Inverloch, a new death/doom band that is releasing a 3 song EP on April 10th entitled “Dusk | Subside“, has recently put out one of their songs on Pitchfork for your listening pleasure. Shadows of the Flame is no joke, the song is heavy, catchy and has a cool ultra slow part with a blasting snare drum and some beast vocals.  I highly recommend giving this song and this band a try. Very good death/doom metal coming from these guys.


Headbang or GTFO Premiere: Rat AIDS – Buttsex Baby Mutant Horror Shit Raisin Balls Aids Doll (Let Me Hold You Sweetie)

Rat AIDS brings you their newest love song appropriately called, “Buttsex Baby Mutant Horror Shit Raisin Balls Aids Doll (Let Me Hold You Sweetie)“. The track will be on their new album, The Honey Store, which will be out soon. The song features a sample of Mr/Mrs. Garrison from South Park talking about evolution and Rat AIDS just comes in and makes it a pure love ballad. Check it out.

CRATOR: A Brand New Death Metal Band featuring members of ORIGIN, KRALLICE, MUCOPUS, and TENTACLES

Crator come out of nowhere and put this work out. Head on over to their Facebook page, give them a “like” then listen in on the 3 song demo they have on their music tab. The tunes are pretty rad. This is a random special treat, you usually don’t get some good new music that is this good early in the morning like this. Not much info has been released. I don’t see anything specific about band members, when an official release will be put out or if they are even a touring act. I just know that this death metal is gooooood.

Check em out, go forth and headbang.

GALAKTIKON: Brendon Small’s (Dethklok) Sweet Metal Project Contains Some Impressive Music And Vocals!

It’s obvious that Brendon Small is a genius and ultra talented person. He managed to create a bad ass metal cartoon show with actual music that he himself made, went on tour under the Dethklok name and lived like a rock star with one of the coolest tour buses I’ve ever seen. Now Mr. Small is putting out another big hit, this time with his new project Galaktikon and I must say….bravo. I didn’t know what to expect but I had a feeling it would just sound like Dethklok. Well…no actually, not even close. The song “On My Way” has no death metal vocals or even super fast tremolo picking and blast beats. It features some great riffs, sweet licks and a groovy bass line. Drums are great and the coolest thing about the vocals is there is actual singing going on. It’s like Snakes n Barrels meets Devin Townsend in a weird way. Just listen to the song, you’ll dig it.

Oh Fuck! New MARDUK!

So Marduk released a new track entitled M.A.M.M.O.N. on the good ol’ Soundcloud today. The track is just nasty and I fully enjoy it. The track will be on their new album which goes by the name of SERPENT SERMON. So be on the look out for that.