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TesseracT – Perspective 2012 EP Teaser

Inspired by an acoustic session that took place during a 2011 tour of North America, TesseracT decided to expand upon the ideas that were spawned as a consequence of having to look at their songs in different ways in order to make them work in the acoustic setting. The result is the acoustic inspired EP, ‘Perspective‘. It is a re-imagining and development of some of the more melodic songs off TesseracT’s debut ‘One‘, and shows a completely new side to the band.


DJ Ted Stryker of the Los Angeles radio station KROQ world-premiered Marilyn Manson’s new single, “No Reflection”, yesterday (Wednesday, March 7) during his afternoon drive show. The track isn’t all that bad, reminds me of his Animals/HolyWood poppy shit more so than his incredible work on Antichrist and before. All n all, it’s definitely an improvement from his last two albums.

Marilyn Manson’s new album “Born Villian” will be released sometime this Spring. What do you think of the new song?

Don’t You Just Love Finding A New Band And They Kick Your Ass? UNSACRED Does Just That!

Blackened Hardcore? Never thought I would see those two words together. Never thought they would work so well together too! Unsacred, hailing from Virginia, produce an almost entirely new sound of metal. With the epic feel of black metal, the violent behavior of hardcore tempos, Unsacred mesh together a sound that is frighteningly good. The EP they have on their bandcamp is great and I fully enjoyed it from start to finish. The vocals are loud and obnoxious like a good hardcore/punk band, the riffs are superior and the drum work holds things down really tight. I love it when the band slows it down just a little bit and adds that third element to the party, sludge. This band nails 3 genres really well and blends them all together to produce something new, something great. Check them out on their bandcamp and their Facebook page! \w/