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Cover Song Sunday!! Jam Out To AMON AMARTH covering SYSTEM OF A DOWN & PERIPHERY Covering SLIPKNOT

Amon Amarth randomly released this amazing cover of System of a Down’s hit single “Aerials” and it’s a damn fine cover. Then recently Periphery did the same thing and just put out a Slipknot cover for “The Heretic Anthem” one morning. So here you have some heavy hitting bands covering some good old fashioned NĂ¼ metal shit. \w/

Cover Song Sunday!! MASTODON & CHIMAIRA Cover Some Old School METALLICA

Some of the best Metallica ever being covered by some of the best musicians of the newer era of metal masters. Mastodon covering “Orion” and doing a damn fine job at it. Then we have Chimaira covering “Disposable Heroes“, which was one of my favorite ‘Tallica songs growing up. Horns up, heads moving. Enjoy the covers.


Cover Song Sunday Returns!! KILLSWITCH ENGAGE covering DIO’s “Holy Diver”

Let’s kick off 2012 with the return of the Cover Song Sunday segment. Picking 1 or 2 songs each Sunday that hopefully you will enjoy. Today we’ll listen to KSE covering Dio’sHoly Diver“. I find this cover to be true to the original while keeping their own style and making it their own in a way. They had balls covering this song but I think they did a great job. Happy New Years!!