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Concert Review! WHITECHAPEL

March 16th, Beaumont Club, Kansas City, MO….the crowd has already gone nuts several times for the opening bands and now they await patiently for the main event, the headliner….Whitechapel. Set up takes awhile and the stage opens up big for the 6 monsters from Knoxville, Tennessee, allowing them to perform and move about without bumping into one another. Lights are set up, tones are checked and the lights go out. The fog machine spews obnoxious amounts of steam into the faces of the crowd and dimly a blue light barely illuminates the stage and the 5 gents up front walk towards the end of the stage and Ben Harclerode sits down at his kit. The beginning of Section 8 begins to play and then slams into it hard just like how the song is done on the EP. The Recorruptour has come and now the main event is owning the crowd, forcing them to headbang, scream and mosh like crazy.

The sound was loud, terrifyingly loud and very very clear. Their stage was mostly blackened with very little lighting at first. Then the spooky lights would come on every once in awhile covering the stage and band with red, blue and green colors. There were also a ton of strobe light action happening on the faster parts of songs as well, sometimes the colored lights joining in on the strobe fest. It was a sight to behold, one second you can barely see the band, next thing you are being bombarded with flashing lights and evil sounding music. It was intense and the experience was a damn good one, the best I’ve ever seen from Whitechapel.

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Concert Review! HATE ETERNAL

Erik, J.J. and Jade set up and the two front men turn their backs to us and check their tuning (I’m guessing), making sure everything is ready for what is about to happen. The main lights dim and the stage is illuminated with a dark blue color. Erik gets the guitar to scream a little and he and J.J. turn around to begin the sudden slaughter. The sheer brutality and immense sound that comes from the band from here on out was absolutely amazing. This was my first time seeing Hate Eternal live and It was far more satisfying that I had hoped for.

The sound was absolutely breathtaking and true to how the albums sound. Jade’s drumming was impeccable and the performance on J.J.’s and Erik’s fretboard was very impressive. J.J.’s work on that bass guitar was mind blowing and he is incredibly over looked when it comes to talented bass guitarists and even vocals. I managed to talk to both Erik and J.J. briefly and it’s awesome how two genuinely nice guys can growl and scream and play such savage music. They play their music with intensity and precision, the band’s sound throughout the entire set was very tight and just massive. Not one note was fucked up (from what I could hear, I was headbanging quite a bit) and these guys play with a fierce fire in their hearts and it truly shows on stage.

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Concert Review – BATTLECROSS

Battlecross came to Kansas City and filled in for 2 bands that couldn’t finish the tour, they received a call late one night and packed their shit and left. Fuckin rock n roll! That’s metal as hell and not only did they do their part and come and finish the tour like a bunch of bad asses, they started off with Kansas City, MO. Lucky us because Battlecross came and kicked our fucking chests in. I don’t think any of us were ready for them. I’ve heard a song by them once and that was it so the band popped my cherry live and in person. Their sense of “bring it the fuck on”, metal riffing and most importantly, headbanging and rocking the fuck out, made the set entirely too much fun.

Their sound was impeccable, the lighting wasn’t spectacular or anything remotely special at all but they didn’t need anything more than just their amps and talent because that’s their main focus. They came and just ripped through their entire set so fast, playing song after song and leaving hardly anytime for anyone to catch a breather. Their sound is so good, guitars and bass were audible, drums were clear and vocals could have slightly been turned up but I was also standing right in front of the lead guitars amp, so that may have affected my hearing a bit.

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Concert Review – TROGLODYTE

Feb. 29th, 2012 – The Beaumont Club – Gornography just left the stage and we all go about our business and wait for the next band to come out. Luckily, from one good band to the next, Troglodyte is coming up to kick our asses and drag us back to the swamp! Kansas City death metal titans Troglodyte waste no time and they get set up and go. In traditional Trog fashion, they just start ripping their fretboards up and the double bass and blasts from the kit are welcomed by the crowd. We liked what we heard, we liked what we saw. The lights stayed green, just how they prefer. The music was loud and crisp. The screams/growls & grunts were terrifying. Troglodyte was out to get you.

Troglodyte ripped through their set with intensity. They began, raped, then left us all dead in a ditch. I was outside between bands so I missed the main intro but walked in right when they started their first song “Bring Me the Head Of Bigfoot“. Right then, there was no turning back. Just to simply put it, nothing but barbaric attacks and infectious grooves happening on stage. Guitars and bass sounded good, vocals were clear and monstrous and the drums were severe trauma to the body. The only thing that was a little lack luster on stage was the singer, he seemed either tired or uninterested. He wasn’t going insane like I’ve seen before. Kinda just walking back n forth and going through the motions. Usually this motherfucker is jumping around, headbanging and going absolutely ape shit.

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Concert Review – GORNOGRAPHY

Feb 29th, 2012 at The Beaumont Club here in Kansas City, MO. Gornography technically wasn’t the first band to take the stage but they damn sure were the first band to get shit going. Gornography is a technical death metal band who are actually local and personally to me they are easily the top 3 metal acts in the Kansas City, MO area. This was my first time ever seeing the band perform live however, all previous enjoyment of the band has been through audio only.

Gornography kicked off their set with the song “Visions of Gore“, which is one of the first songs I heard from the band. The sound was loud, thick and heavy. From where I was standing, dead center and up front, I could hear the vocals pretty clearly, bass guitar was barely audible and guitars were a little faint. Drums were as clear as day though as Chris Wilson pounded on the kit faster than anyone in the entire Midwest. The lighting wasn’t anything particularly special because it’s an opening technical death grind band, they do not need gimmicks, weird lighting and bullshit like that. Gornography just comes out, fucks your face and leaves. The way I like it.

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Concert Review – CHIMAIRA

October 16th, 2011…Chimaira takes the stage in front of a small crowd at The Beaumont Club. The crowd is the smallest I’ve ever seen at any venue, but that doesn’t stop the band nor does it make the energy in the room feel weaker. The crowd was pumped and ready for the band to take the stage. Once they took the stage, they fucking brought it. Sound, lights, presence…all was as it should be. Anytime I’ve seen Chimaira they have always brought it 100%.

The sound was powerful and loud. Everything was clear and precise. The lighting was phenomenal and was really flashy at times. Sometimes the lights would calm the fuck down and just sit idol. During the guitar solo’s, the spotlight would hit Rob Arnold and it was pretty epic. He is so good at what he does.

The setlist was fucking pro. It was 17 songs long! It’s been years since I’ve seen them perform a headlining set and it was well worth the wait. They played tons of new stuff and it sounded great. Of course with all of the new tunes, they had to throw in some classics like Severed and Power Trip.

Each band member was amazing. Matt never fudged a riff, Rob never missed a note, Mark’s voice sounded better than ever. Stage presence was great as well. The members of Chimaira got into it and were all over the stage. Sean Z did well with the back up vocals and hammering down the electronic ambiance that Chimaira has. Emil was very much into the music and held down the bass guitar duties like a pro. Drumming was done very well by Mr. Austin D’Amond. The stage always had energy and intensity happening, even between songs I never calmed down.

Even with the crowd being incredibly small, they were energetic and moshing. Screaming back the words and enjoying themselves. It was cool to see less than 100 people have such a good time and really get into it.

I was impressed and blown away, again. This was my….5th or 6th time seeing Chimaira. They never let me down! They always put on a good show. They have never left me disappointed and I am always satisfied with their performance. Well done. Through all of the line up changes and everything, they still continue to kick ass.

Turns out, Rob and Matt are leaving Chimaira later this year. I’m thankful to have seen these two with Chimaira one last time. Also, I happened to score a pick, an interview and a photo with Rob so that means so much more now than ever.


        (intro) Stoma
  1. The Age of Hell
  2. Clockwork
  3. Losing My Mind
  4. Power Trip
  5. Nothing Remains
  6. The Flame
  7. Pure Hatred
  8. Destroy and Dominate
  9. Severed
  10. The Disappearing Sun
  11. Year of the Snake
  12. Born in Blood
  13. The Venom Inside
  14. Secrets of the Dead
  15. Empire
  16. Trigger Finger
  17. Resurrection