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Crosses - EP II


“Chino’s vocal work is as always amazing as hell, music is moving and catchy and Chuck Doom’s low end bass work is fucking phenomenal. You cannot help but sing along, you cannot help but groove along to the beat and Crosses definitely makes you “feel” the music.”




Psycroptic - The Inherited Repression


Psycroptic’s latest album “The Inherited Repression” is a phenomenal album musically and the songs are fun to listen to at the time. I acknowledge how talented these musicians are and how hard they have worked on this album. I get into it and headbang a little while listening to The Inherited Repression, the album as a whole really never captured my interest though, no matter how many times I listened to the album. It is truly great but highly forgettable.”




Nephelium - Coils of Entropy


“Where Coils of Entropy succeeds is how good the songs are. The riffs man, the riffs! Each song is packed with them and the brutality of the album as a whole is on par with Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and Autopsy. I just want to throw up horns and headbang each time I listen to this album. Nephelium is one of those bands who are severely over looked and under appreciated.”




Aborted - Global Flatline


“Tone is heavy, drums are fucking nuts and vocals kill your ears (in a good way). Aborted’sGlobal Flatline” is fucking awesome! Each time I listen to this monster it always makes me energetic, alert and happy. How could such a brutal grind/death metal album make me happy? Let’s see…..let’s start off with the epic amount of endless riffs that is pumped out on this album.”




Inner Fear - First Born Fear


“The sound is similar to most other melodic/symphonic metal bands out there. The album as a whole is average. Music isn’t particularly bad but it’s just shit I’ve heard before. Nothing stands out and catches my attention. It’s a fine album to listen to as background noise. I’d say it’s a damn good band to get those interested in symphonic metal.”





Abigail Williams - Becoming


Becoming is an amazing work of art. Blending what you would like from acts such as Agalloch and Wolves In The Throne Room and making it their own unique sound. It’s very dark, atmospheric and moody. Slow paced music and venomous screams reign down on you as well as very melodic riffs and creative song writing”





Splattered Entrails - 2012 EP


“Crushing slam groove starts this album off immediately and it’s back to what Splattered Entrails does best, make you fucking headbang. This 2012 EP is another blast-tastic death metal album that has even catchier riffs than the previous release. The tempo is slowed down a little bit in the guitar riff section, making the riffs that much heavier sounding.”





Lamb of God - Resolution


“Pure Fucking American Metal titans LAMB OF GOD are back and beginning 2012 with a thirst for blood. The riffs are as catchy as ever, the solo’s are deadlier than they ever were and Randy’s vocals haven’t lost it’s touch. The rhythm section is as strong as ever with heavy under tone’s and classic LoG’s drum work. Resolution is top notch and from beginning to end it’s non stop energy and headbanging.”




Alcest - Les Voyages De L'Ame


“This beautiful post-black album has everything you’d want and expect from the band. While experiencing the album, I felt like I was walking across a field. Enjoying the air and the trees. Reaching a river bank and stopping to enjoy the scene and nature. The music on this album is good for the soul. The tones of the guitar and singing just really touch you in a way that many bands would only dream of.”




Woods of Ypres - Woods V: Grey Skies and Electric Light


Grey Skies & Electric Light is an emotional roller coaster filled with intense singing, song writing and some amazing additional work with the cello/flutes/pianos. The album is vibrant and yet so dark and chilling. It features some soul shaking guitar solos and piano work from Joel Violette and some of the best vocal work David Gold has ever done”

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