Top 5 Releases of July 2017

Another month, another batch of kick ass new music to listen to. Going to start doing a monthly article here where I give you my top 5 favorite releases of the previous month. Let’s start with July of the year 2017 shall we? It’s been a wonderful year for metal, especially death metal, and this month was definitely good to us. So let’s jump into my 5 favorite albums already shall we?

Starting off this list at number five was the wretched death/doom sounds of Temple of Void, with their new release entitled “Lord of Death“….which is quite fitting. Crushing riffs at a monolithic pace and production really gave this album a massive sound. Every song bends and bleeds death metal while holding onto brutal grooves, which gives this release a profound sound and made it utterly enjoyable.

Release Date: July 28th, 2017 on Shadow Kingdom Records


Next up at number four is the dark and mysterious sounds of Markov Soroka as he releases another masterpiece album under another name. Tchornobog’s self titled debut album is unrealistically brilliant. The writing is just insanity at every note, the production is incredible and the songs are just as good as they are long. 4 songs here, spanning over an hour, with one song itself reaching just past the 20 minute mark…and it never got old. This whole damn thing is genius and with each release, Markov, no matter which band name he uses, just seems to out do himself every single time. For fans of The Ruins of Beverast & Artificial Brain

Release Date: July 21st, 2017 on Fallen Empire Records


Number three on this list just makes me utterly happy. I was worried about this release as I wasn’t that big of a fan of their last release but Rings of Saturn really brought back the insanity, intensity and overall crazy sounds that I loved on Dingir. The new album, Ultu Ulla, is a big step up from Lugal Ki En, which wasn’t bad at all just forgettable. After one listen of this new album I was instantly hooked and loved what the band was writing again. Hyper technical deathcore that was not only mind blowing but just fun to listen to, and I can listen to this album over and over and over.

Release Date: July 28th, 2017 on Nuclear Blast Records


Number two on this list may be a band you’ve never heard before but I assure you that you need to listen to this as soon as humanly possible if you haven’t already. Germany’s Cytotoxin released their third studio full length album, Gammageddon, and it’s just simply great technical brutal death metal. Some of the gnarliest vocals to exist this year can be found on this album as well as some of the more brutal riffs! The energy is cranked way high on this album and you’ll definitely want to go ahead and just listen to it again once it’s done. Seriously, go listen to it now. If you enjoy what Origin and Braindrill are doing then this is an easy choice for you.

Release Date: July 21st, 2017 on Unique Leader Records


My favorite album released during the month of July is the stellar technical death metal remedies of Decrepit Birth, whose return to the scene is a phenomenal one! Axis Mundi was the pinnacle release for me, bringing progressive and mindful technical riffs to the party, with outrageously bad ass drum work and over the top vocal presentation…Decrepit Birth really made their presence known with this release. Every single song is catchy and brutal. The cover songs are also brilliantly done! Everything about this release is just one big “fuck yes” and you have to listen to this album as soon as you can. It was my favorite release of July.

Release Date: July 21st, 2017 on Nuclear Blast Records


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