Best Death Metal Releases of 2017 So Far…

2017 has been an exciting year for death metal! We are seeing so much new talent being released as well as older talent returning to claim their place on the podium of great death metal for 2017. This year has been definitely worthy of some fine albums that you will headbang to and these are my favorite death metal releases thus far. The links provided below will guide you to YouTube so you can enjoy the music immediately!

AnalepsyAtrocities from Beyond
Dying FetusWrong One to Fuck With
Hour of PenanceCast the First Stone
Cut UpWherever They May Rot
Artificial BrainInfrared Horizon
Hideous DivinityAdveniens
BeheadedBeast Incarnate
Broken HopeMutilated and Assimilated
ScordaturaSelf-Created Abyss
Rendered HelplessEntities of Transdimensional Emergence
Unparalleled Universe
Logic of DenialAftermath
AntropofagusMethods of Resurrection Through Evisceration
Maggot ColonyVile Reincarnation
Kraanium/AnalepsyThe Kraanialepsy Split

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