The Return…

After many years of running and operating a website with my own domain attached to it, I am returning to the old blog to write about death metal and black metal here on the wordpress site. Why? Here is why…

In February 2015, I lost everything. From April 2012 to Feb 2015. All reviews. All my work. Every single shred of work I put into the site was lost. I didn’t properly back up my site when I was switching servers. I kind of gave up after that. Took a break from reviews and posted maybe once a week, sometimes not writing anything for weeks at a time. Then I picked up steam late 2016 and returned to reviews and updates with a new drive and motivation. Yet again, the company I was going through was trying to screw me over on costs and I had to cancel. Thus, once again, losing my website. I still have the backup file for that somewhere but it’s a lost cause at this point.

In late 2015, American Aftermath closed it’s doors and Svbterranean opened up, bringing more metal news/reviews and updates to the world like never before. It’s a well written and professional website and I have wrote some articles and reviews for them since they opened. While I love writing for Svb, I just ultimately miss writing for my own website. The pride and sense of fun wasn’t the same. Svb uses wordpress and while going through the “My Sites” tab, I rediscovered my old Headbang or GTFO blog. Going through it was a nostalgic and heartwarming experience. How awful some of these reviews are written. How much I tried to compete with Metalsucks and Metal Injection with click baity titles and weird articles.

but it’s still here. After 5 years it’s all still here. Not one single blog post is missing. After a couple of years of losing current work over and over, it was nice to see that my ancient articles have survived. I haven’t been here in a while but I am changing that. This is my return. The return of Headbang or GTFO.

You want to hear the heaviest music in the world? Do it here.

Welcome back to Headbang or GTFO.


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