You Know The New 3 INCHES OF BLOOD Album Is Killer When It Gets Stuck In Your Head After One Play Through

So I checked out the new 3 Inches of Blood album yesterday appropriately titled “Long Live Heavy Metal” and it’s just that, heavy fucking metal. With songs like Metal Woman, Leather Lord, Look Out & Die For Gold, you can rest assure that this album is just a pure headbangin’, beer drinkin, axe grinding good time. It’s been too long since I’ve jammed out on some 3IoB, I mean I completely missed out on 2009’s release of “Here Awaits Thy Doom“, my last sampling of 3IoB is Fire Up The Blades! Cam Pipes still has it man, his voice may be Judas Priest-ish but I think he rocks it perfectly without sounding like a cheap ripoff. The band rights solid metal music and I’m quite impressed so far as to what I am hearing. So grab your swords and shields! Long Live Heavy Metal is one epic quest and will be available March 26th through Century Media.

Look for the actual review next week. Until then, turn up the volume and headbang to this track.

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