Black metal usually is best when it comes from the northern European countries. Very rarely do you hear of an amazing black metal act from the United States. Well from the quiet state of New Hampshire comes a blackened force so loud and full of doom you will be flabbergasted at what you’ve heard. Vattnet Viskar provides us with some of the best black metal/doom so far this year and their label, Broken Limbs Recordings, just put out their latest journey through time and space; life and death. The 3 song EP will not disappoint and the talent from these gentlemen is unimaginable. They are within a genre that is currently flooded with bands trying to imitate and perfect a certain sound yet Vattnet Viskar stands above the rest with their frantic howls and seemingly daunting guitar work. It’s good shit and it’s this weeks Wreckommendation!

For fans of Woods of Ypres, Abigail Williams, Agalloch & other epic blackened ambient doom metal acts of the sort.

Check out their Facebook, Bandcamp and Broken Limbs Recordings page.

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