Chris Letchford of SCALE THE SUMMIT Sits Down And Jams Out “Redwoods” For Us.

One thing is for sure, Scale the Summit is one of the best instrumental bands out there right now. This particular video is of guitarist Chris Letchford playing his semi-hollow 7 string for the song “Redwoods“, a single that was released exclusively on their vinyl release of “The Collective“. Yesterday, Axl Rosenberg of MetalSucks brought up the trend of these play through videos and why it’s become the norm for bands now-a-days to put these out. Rob Pasbani of Metal Injection brought up a great point bringing up that not only do they generate hits and interest for the band and their label, it’s relatively cheap compared to your usual music video. I personally love them, I appreciate the artist a little more when I see him performing his craft. I enjoy watching these guitar/bass fretboard videos. I think it’s genius and I’d much rather see the actual artist play their music than some cover who may or may not know it correctly. Don’t let YouTube be your only viewing of a band though, go see them live! I kick myself for not seeing Scale The Summit, I hope they come through again soon.

What do you think about the trend of these play through videos? Do you think it takes the mystery out of the music? Do your respect the musician a little more?

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