Album Review! SPAWN OF POSSESSION – Incurso

When the music starts, it’s a quick tease of heaviness then an epic introduction that reminds me of the Mako Reactor soundtrack from Final Fantasy 7 when you first start the game. When that is done, it’s straight into technical death metal greatness. Spawn of Possession are rather new to me, I’ve never really listened to them before. When they released a single of theirs about a month ago I was swept off of my feet and highly anticipating the release of their album, “Incurso“. Well now it’s here: the first thing you notice is the art. The album art is fucking nuts, I don’t know what that floating thing is but it looks like is has nothing but bad intentions for that dude and the entire world.

Back to the music, you have some of the most exciting and creative song writing since Necrophagist’sEpitaph“. The riffs are very technical and melodic at the same time and somehow amidst all of that chaos they hold down a very tight rhythmic pattern that is unlike anything I’ve previously heard. Bass guitar has unique patterns and leads as well and what I love about the bass guitar is the fact it’s pretty audible. It’s not overwhelming or behind the drums, it’s perfectly blended with the music. The drums…..I bet drummer Henrik Schönström must put WD-40 on his joints after performing each song because his intensity, speed and savagery is just pushing the limits as to what can be done by a human being on that kit. Vocals are mainly low with some mid-range screaming in there. He does this thing that many tech death bands do and that’s grunt 10,000 words a minute. Growling out words as fast as the double bass drum is going. The band as a whole has created one hell of an album and if you enjoy technical death metal, you’re in for a treat.

Where Angels Go Demons Follow & Bodiless Sleeper is the perfect way to kick off the album. They are great in sheer brilliance in song writing but not too over the top, warming up the listener before he/she ventures off into the scary desolate plain that is the 9:46 of technical death metal majesty known as “The Evangelist“. This track is long but not boring, doing these weird but adored tricks that is similar to something you heard on the last Blotted Science album. When I first heard that part at the 2:25 mark I got chills and was like “Whoa, THAT was fucking cool” and I rewound the song and listened to it again. I never ever do that but I HAD to hear that again. Luckily, they do it again later in the song. I love the ultra slow doom ending to the track as well. Very unnerving and evil.

The next four songs are a continuance of everything you would want in a tech death album, super fast drumming, creative and fun bass playing and mind blowing guitar work. The song writing would put Necrophagist’s albums to shame and the speed makes Origin’s last album seem like a shoegaze album. Seriously, over the top crazy shit happening on this album. The last track reminds me of something you would have heard on Fleshgod Apocalypse album, “Agony“. Apparition is definitely trying to pull off that “last track is so epic and long, you’ll just HAVE to respect it and enjoy it.” Well it is pretty good but it seems out of place almost. Considering it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the album with that orchestra going on with the band. I’m rather growing tired of the “last song is epic so let’s do some orchestral music with it” trend that has been going on with major releases lately however it’s done incredibly well this time around. It’s a solid song and a great way to end the album.\

With all this praise, you can expect some criticism. While the music is fantastic and there isn’t really much wrong with the album it had one thing about it that is going to make me lose interest faster than normal. That is the fact that there is no really good catchy rhythm riffs or something popping out and making me want to just keep listening to it over and over again. Yes, I know I might be a little picky with this but it’s important to me and how I enjoy music. After each listen, there is so much going on that I cannot truly remember a riff or really cool part aside from the Blotted Science diddle on The Evangelist. Other than that, it’s so over the top it’s forgotten when all is said and done.

Spawn of Possession’s Incurso is the best technical death metal album I’ve heard in a long, long time. I haven’t been this impressed since 2004’s Necrophagist album really, SoP truly know how to make you think and appreciate what you are listening to. It’s way better than Origin’s album from last year and almost there if not on-par with Beyond Creation’s epic masterpiece from last year, The Aura. I’m usually not into technical death metal such as this because it tends to be so up it’s own ass with “Look at me and my fingers going all over the fretboard! I’m so bad ass!!! Worship me!!!” Spawn of Possession may be thinking that, but they are giving us quality metal while performing like the guitar and drum gods that they are.

You won’t be disappointed. This is one satisfying and impressive album, it’s definitely the best tech death album of 2012 so far this year and unless someone puts out something out of this world….then Spawn of Possession have nothing to worry about. This album will be on blogger’s end of the year lists for sure. Enjoy: Incurso.

Pros: Holy shit this music is nuts/amazing/pro/epic/godlike – Production is truly a work of art on this album.

Cons: Not many negatives on this album. Could use some more catchy parts but that’s just me being nit picky.

5 out of 5

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